An atypical double-leaf gate on the rise

Double-leaf custom-made gate. This is what we could call the following project, the content of which consisted of a double-winged gate with one wider and the other narrower wing in order to process the effect of the diaphragm and the gate. This gate included full automation and the exception was the use of offset hinges that helped the gate open up a not-so-slight incline. We tuned the project into an interesting lamellar version, but in a vertical version.

Client: Mr. M.

Place: Handlová

Date: 15/12/2021

Order from the customer

The client contacted us with a request to solve his intractable hole. Unresolvable because no one contacted wanted to implement the given project. Only in the end did this project reach us, where there was no no or we don’t know. We aimed the project thanks to our laser sights, prepared and then mounted it. The client was so satisfied with the result itself that he subsequently had us make an additional entrance barrier.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 3990mm x 1260mm





RAL 9022



– KEY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– KUBE – phone control

– Cover system

– Lifting the gate uphill

Project realisation

Despite the difficult conditions, we managed to successfully manufacture and install the project. Before the assembly itself, we had respect, because we have never completed such a large misalignment of the gate. However, before assembly, we tested different systems in zinc form so that we already knew which one to use during assembly, so that the gate would work technically correctly and look great. Together with the client, we think that we have fulfilled this condition and the project can be proud of its interesting design and technical processing.

General view

General view

General view

General view

View from the inside

View from the inside