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The right choice of garage door is very important. It is necessary to choose the right type, size, surface, color and accessories. With us, you can be sure that we will help you with your choice. Our offer includes the most popular sectional doors, which consist of panels (sections) and a supporting structure (rails). This structure is mounted on the inner wall on the sides of the garage opening (the so-called cladding). Subsequently, this structure is bent to a 90% angle so that the gate can be opened by pulling it under the ceiling. The panels are folded into each other and are gradually attached to the rails with guide wheels, they are connected to each other by hinges. The bottom panel has an integrated sealing rubber with the FINGERSAFE function. Sealing rubber is mounted on all sides of the opening to ensure the best possible insulation conditions.


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Send us a non-binding inquiry with your idea. Our nearest sales representative will attend to you and prepare an offer tailored to you individually.
Why VISIO garage doors?


We are confident in our work, we regularly undergo training and we approach orders with an emphasis on details. We provide our clients with a 2-year warranty. We don’t forget our clients even after 2 years. By being a member of the VISIO family, you have endless options for post-warranty service.


In our offer you will find the Italian brand KEY AUTOMATION. These drives provide you, in addition to full comfort, quiet handling with a long service life and the option of expanding to smart control. Of course, we will advise you on choosing the right type of drive at a personal meeting.


All of our orders are made to measure, taking into account the conditions that we have to meet with various types of openings. We will not be surprised by an oversized opening, the elevation of the plot, atypical or no lining and lintel. Our technician will choose the best solutions for you, so that you can take over the project with a smile on your face and in full functionality.


With increasing experience, we develop new solutions and innovate used elements. Thanks to this, we are constantly moving forward and improving our service offer. We are changing an industry that has not moved significantly forward in recent years, which is also why our clients praise our work.


One phone call is enough and we will take care of everything. We will come to focus on the garage door and advise you from a technical or visual point of view using our samples. We will then prepare a tailor-made offer for you, which we will review together. You can also create a customized offer thanks to our FORM HERE.


The menu offers 4 types of panels. The most requested panel AURORA will convince you with its dominant design. The panel that convinces clients with its difference is the panel with the label PRESTIGE. For the golden mean, we recommend the SENTINEL panel. The four panels are closed by the HORIZON panel. For more information, visit the section OUR PATTERNS.


In our offer you will find more than 99 different color designs. For our clients, we provide options to choose from standard, premium and atypical colors. If you could not choose from our long list, we offer the option of choosing your own color or print for your garage door. To view the color versions, visit the section OUR PATTERNS.


For more demanding clients with an eye for detail, we offer various extensions. These are transparent windows, ventilation grilles, transitional doors with the option of choosing a threshold, custom printing, various types of fittings, LED backlighting of the gate and smart control of the gate using an application. For more information, visit the ADDITIONS.



Our prices, which depend on several factors, are calculated individually for each customer, so it is not possible to determine the price per square meter. However, we will be happy to prepare a non-binding custom price offer for you.
In our offer, you will find 4 types of panels. The most requested panel is AURORA, which is convenient with its dominant design. Another panel, which convinces clients mainly with a sense of distinctiveness, is labeled PRESTIGE. For a golden middle ground, we recommend the SENTINEL panel. The quartet of panels is completed by the HORIZON panel. These panels are manufactured in Italy.
All our orders are custom-made to accommodate the conditions required for various types of openings. Oversized openings, sloping terrain, or atypical or no lintels and transoms do not surprise us. Our technician will select the best solutions for you so that you can take over the project with a smile and be fully functional in the end.
Of course. This part is standardly in white, but there is an option to change it according to the color chart in our offer for an additional fee.
In our offer, you will find over 99 different colors. For our clients, we also provide options to choose from standard colors, premium colors, and atypical ones. However, if you cannot decide from our long list, we also offer a custom color selection or even custom printing for your garage door.
In most cases, customers send us approximate dimensions based on which we create a price offer for them. If they accept the price offer, we come personally to measure the entire project. However, if you are interested in a survey even before creating the price offer, it is advisable to arrange a date with our sales representative considering travel planning.
You can obtain a free price quote by filling out the FORM available on our website. However, it is necessary to specify whether you are interested in a GARAGE GATE, FENCE AND ENTRY GATE, or SHADING TECHNOLOGY.

Approximate dimensions of the openings for the garage door are important for us to create a price offer. If you are also interested in construction preparation, it is necessary to contact us by phone. It is important to specify additional details such as door drive, color design, panel type, mobile device opening capability, implemented doors or windows, and others. It is also important to determine the location of the implementation so that we can include transportation and installation costs in the price immediately.

We are pleased when our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Verified quality, accommodating employees, professional advice, constant product development, the prospect of a stable company for warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, and emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience the approach of our colleagues firsthand.
It is good to verify the work of the company, what their achievements are, and the satisfaction of already satisfied customers. In the long term, it is advantageous for you to choose a professional company that will remain on the market in the future, ensuring that your warranty remains valid. There is also a guarantee that the company handles a larger number of orders, thus having “figured out” various errors that may arise from using the gate. Development is also essential for the company, which is why its products are more functional, innovative, and durable. If you look at a particular company, the project it did a year ago looks different from the current one – this shows how they focus on developing new things.
You can report a fault or damage to us via email to our service email It is necessary to attach photos of the specific defect to the email. After receiving the email, you will receive an automatically generated message. Subsequently, our technician will address the issue and assess the cause of the defect. In the last step, you will be contacted about the further procedure.
Automatically upon reporting a fault, our technician will arrange a date with you to come and fix the issue. Everything is within your satisfaction and the timeframe that suits you best.
We are confident in our work, regularly undergo training, and approach orders with an emphasis on details. Therefore, we provide a minimum 2-year warranty for you. In our service portfolio, you will also find options to extend the warranty to a maximum of 5 years.
If you are interested, you can order maintenance-related tasks from us. However, we recommend regularly lubricating moving parts, such as hinges or rollers, with silicone oil, for example. Failure to lubricate may lead to increased noise, friction, and reduced component life.
Yes, our VISIO building division provides comprehensive construction activities – from interior to exterior works.
Yes, we also offer the installation of advanced electric drives from KEY automation or ROGER technology on existing garage doors.
Garage gates up to 6 weeks. Of course, all delivery times are communicated to you in advance and agreed upon according to the terms of the contract.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.