Bioclimatic pergolas
Enter the world of endless possibilities for your outdoor space with our bioclimatic pergolas from VISIO. These pergolas represent a revolutionary solution that combines aesthetics with functionality, bringing a new dimension of comfort and style to your exterior.

The core of their unique design consists of tiltable aluminum slats, precisely anchored in the support frame. This ingenious system allows you to regulate the penetration of sunlight according to your preferences, creating optimal shade and a pleasant atmosphere under the pergola. In addition, in case of bad weather, by simply moving the slats, you achieve closure and reliable protection against rain, allowing you to use your outdoor space regardless of the weather.



Material and dimensions: The slats of our bioclimatic pergolas are made of aluminum, which ensures their lightness, strength and resistance to weather effects. With a size of 205.48 mm, they offer enough space to regulate the light conditions under the pergola.

Surface treatment: The elegant appearance of the slats is emphasized by the lacquered surface treatment, which is not only an aesthetic element but also ensures protection against environmental influences.

Slat color: Choose from silver RAL 9006 or gray RAL 7047 for a perfect impression that matches the modern design of the outdoor space.

Material and size: The aluminum profile of the frame is designed with an emphasis on strength and longevity. With a dimension of 225.48 mm, it provides a stable frame for the slats, ensuring optimal functionality of the entire system.

Surface finish: Similar to the slats, the frame is also coated with varnish, which increases its durability and maintains a modern look.

Frame color: The choice of frame color is not a limitation. In our offer, you will find 12 standard shades of RAL colors, which allow you to customize the pergola exactly according to your wishes.

Control: Simple and automatic – One of the key elements of our bioclimatic pergolas is automatic control. With this system, you can easily regulate the position of the slats according to the current weather conditions, thereby achieving maximum comfort and well-being.


Choosing an additional set for our bioclimatic pergolas from VISIO allows you to customize your outdoor space exactly according to your ideas and needs. Every detail is designed with an emphasis on quality, aesthetics and modern technological solutions. Let’s take a look at the interesting features you can include in this premium build.

Support column: Stylish functionality

Number and anchoring: The choice of supporting columns depends on the anchoring method of your project. We offer various variants that ensure a stable and aesthetic solution for your bioclimatic pergola.

Water drainage: Details are a key element of our support columns. Different variants of the water drainage solution ensure that your pergola is not only stylish but also functional, regardless of the weather.

LED backlighting of the slats: Atmosphere under the stars

Stylish lighting: LED backlighting of the slats adds an elegant touch to your outdoor space. Create a unique atmosphere and brighten up your exterior according to your mood and preferences.

The color of the frame, columns and slats: Tailored individuality

Color of the Frame and Columns: In our extra charge set, you can choose a color for the frame and supporting columns different from the standard RAL shades. In this way, you will achieve maximum individuality and adapt the pergola to the overall design.

Slat color: Do you want even more originality? You can choose the color of the slats according to your wishes and coordinate it with other elements of your exterior. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Accessories for automatic control: Technology at the service of convenience

Mobile device connection: Integrating automatic control with a mobile device connection allows you to control your pergola with a simple click. Monitor the condition, regulate the slats and create an ideal comfort environment directly from your smartphone.



Maximum load capacity: 90 kg/m2 (the roof is not designed for walking)


Tilting slats

Tilting range: 0 to 125 degrees


Moving the slats

Moving option: no


System inclination

No inclination of the system is required, which means optimum flexibility for installation on different types of surfaces.



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Bioclimatic pergolas are a modern outdoor solution that combines aesthetics with functionality. Their structure is based on aluminum louvers that allow for light and ventilation regulation according to the weather.

The louvers of VISIO bioclimatic pergolas can be tilted in a range from 0 to 125 degrees, allowing for optimal adjustment of light conditions under the pergola.

The automatic control of VISIO bioclimatic pergolas enables simple and efficient regulation of the louvers and overall pergola configuration. It can be operated manually or integrated with a smart home system.
The load-bearing capacity of VISIO bioclimatic pergola roofs is a maximum of 90 kg/m2. It’s important to note that the roof is not intended for walking.
Our color range is extensive and includes standard RAL colors for frames and columns, silver RAL 9006, or gray RAL 7047 for louvers. We also offer custom color settings according to customer preferences.
VISIO bioclimatic pergolas are designed for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning of louvers and frames with a gentle cleaner and water is recommended. Automated control minimizes the need for manual maintenance.
Yes, VISIO bioclimatic pergolas are designed for installation flexibility and can be adapted to existing terraces or gardens.
The supporting columns of the bioclimatic pergola have various water drainage solutions, ensuring efficient drainage and minimizing the risk of louvers closing due to rain.
Yes, VISIO bioclimatic pergolas are energy-efficient, allowing for temperature and light regulation, thus contributing to sustainable and efficient outdoor space utilization.
Yes, our company provides comprehensive services including bioclimatic pergola installation and subsequent servicing. Our certified workers are ready to ensure seamless installation and careful servicing of our products.