Automatické pohony brán

KEY Automation

In our portfolio you can find electric drives of the KEY automation brand, a progressive Italian manufacturer of gate drives. They are characterized by high quality workmanship, work reliably and have a number of functions, such as connecting and controlling garden lighting. Their strengths also include the design, where LED lighting is built into the drive itself, and even the beacon visible from the street is designed with LEDs. We use drives for swing and sliding gates as well as garage gates. The assortment is completed by automatic barriers of this brand.

What does the implementation of an automatic gate drive include?
Automatické pohony brán


When we talk about the quality of the KEY automation brand products, we mean it. These claims are backed up by an 3-year extended warranty. We are trying to ensure the maximum possible service and quality for you, so that you are our satisfied customer and do not spend more money on the repair of low-quality products.


Night light system is an exceptional benefit of these drives. Light up your garden, driveway, house or anything you can think of. Thanks to the built-in light sensor in the beacon, it is possible to set the automatic lighting on and off. However, you can also control it yourself and not only turn it off and on, but also its intensity.


Not only design but also functional solutions are the advantage of the KEY automation brand. Controlling your gate using the KUBE application on your smartphone will provide you with comfort so that you do not have to carry a remote transmitter with you. Using the application, it is also possible to control the lighting connected to the drive. With the help of the main user, you also grant control access to other smartphones in the household.


The robust aluminum body protects the extremely quiet electronics. The operation is ensured by the metal gears of the transmission system. The covers are made of plastic with UV protection. This is also why the drive in the white-gray design will retain its new look for several years.

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Yes, we also offer the installation of advanced electric drives from the KEY automation brand on existing gates.
In most cases, customers provide us with approximate details based on which we create a price quote. If they accept the price quote, we can come personally for measurements if necessary. However, if you’re interested in measurements before creating the price quote, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment with our sales representative considering travel planning.
You can obtain a free price quote by filling out the FORM located on our website.
We are pleased when our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Verified quality, accommodating employees, expert advice, continuous product development, the prospect of a stable company for both warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, and emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience our colleagues’ approach firsthand.
It’s good to verify the work of a given company, their achievements, and the satisfaction of already served customers. In terms of long-term perspective, it’s advantageous to choose a professional company that will remain in the market in the future, ensuring your warranty won’t lapse. Additionally, there’s a guarantee that the company handles a larger number of projects, thus having “ironed out” various errors that may arise from using the gate. Development is also essential for the company, resulting in more functional, innovative, and durable products. If you look at the company, the project it did a year ago looks different from the current one – demonstrating their dedication to developing new things.
You report a malfunction or damage to us via email at our service email It’s necessary to attach photos of the specific defect to the email. Upon receiving the email, you’ll automatically receive a generated message. Subsequently, our technician will address the issue, and assess the cause of the defect, and you’ll be contacted about the next steps.
Upon reporting a malfunction, our technician will automatically arrange a date with you to come and rectify the issue. All within your satisfaction and at the most convenient time for you.
For KEY automation drives, we offer a 3-year warranty. These warranties apply if the drive is installed by our certified technician. For regular purchases of our drives, the warranty for drives is set at 2 years.
Yes, our VISIO building division provides comprehensive construction services – from interior to exterior work.
Not only design but also functional solutions are the advantages of the KEY automation brand. Controlling your gate using the KUBE application on your smartphone provides comfort, so you don’t have to carry a remote control. The application also allows you to control the lighting connected to the drive. By using the main user, you grant access to control other smartphones in the household.
KEY Automation comes with the Night light system option, which is an exceptional benefit of the drive. With it, you can illuminate your garden, driveway, or house. Through the built-in light sensor in the beacon, automatic switching on and off of the lighting can be set. However, you can also control it yourself, not only turning it on and off but also adjusting its intensity.
Yes, nowadays more and more people are using solar energy. We’re continuously implementing new technologies, and one of them is the option to have a gate drive on a solar panel. With the right settings and top-notch drive technology, you can use the gate like any other, without worrying about it not opening due to frequent use.
VISIO is a quality brand, and this is the path we want to take. Of course, other brands can be of high quality, but as far as the ROGER brand is concerned, it’s currently the top of the line in the market among drives, with new digital brushless technology. These are motors that have other advantages such as energy saving, quiet motor operation, maximum sensitivity, and the power of these drives. On the other hand, the KEY brand brings a design to the market that is not easily found elsewhere. Performance is also given, which, combined with LED-lit drives, adds even more beauty to your home. The last step is several years of experience with the drives we provide, their low failure rate, and high performance even in the most demanding conditions.
There is no correct answer to this question. In any case, you are offered a drive that is designed precisely for your conditions. These conditions are diverse. Someone need higher performance, while others do not. Therefore, we still offer you several options, and it’s up to you which one you choose.
According to the technical documentation, the range of the remote controls we supply is up to 50m. Of course, this distance may vary by several meters depending on factors such as building density on the street or the environment from which the remote control is used, such as the thickness of your car’s glass. For comparison, if a person uses the remote control outside the car, its range is much stronger.
The advantage is that the beacon already has an integrated antenna, which increases the range for drive control. Additionally, the beacon indicates that the gate is in motion, and in the event of a drive malfunction, we can diagnose the drive fault based on the intensity of the flashing. The beacons are LED-based, which means they don’t illuminate the entire street like older, bulb versions when flashing. We receive frequent questions about vandalism, but we cannot influence this situation. Therefore, from our perspective, the beacon is worth the investment. It’s also interesting that we have not recorded any complaints about damage or theft of this product in the company so far. However, the beacon is not necessary for gate operation.
Of course, in case of a malfunction or for any reason, the gate can be switched from automatic opening to manual. You will receive instructions and documentation for this procedure upon project handover.
The standard delivery and installation of drives is within 3 weeks, depending on the status of the required drive in stock.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.