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Single-leaf entrance gates

If the space does not allow the use of a double-wing gate due to the arrangement of the infrastructure of the plot, it is possible to use a single-wing gate, which opens only to one side and allows the entire opposite part to be exposed. In this case, however, it is necessary to take into account a longer space for opening the wing behind the passage. Also, the entrance barrier for pedestrians is designed as a single wing as standard.

What does the implementation of a single-wing entrance gate include?
Jednokrídlové vstupné brány


Ifwe use a swing gate with a drive, it is not necessary to install a central stop in the passage. The electric drive will stop the gate based on its own mechanical stops. The swing gate is used when there is a lack of space for sliding the sliding gate.


Easily adjustable gate type. It does not require special design solutions. Quick opening and closing.


It occupies space behind the passage for its opening and closing movement. However, it is possible to open the gate to the street as well, if the conditions allow it. When installed in the opening, it reduces the clear width of the passage.


The gate can be operated automatically with an electric drive or mechanically (manually). optional accessories are supplied with the gate/gate: stainless steel handle / handle / ball, mortise lock, cylinder, electric lock, side cover bars, video intercom, mechanical gate stop, eyelet.


Our prices, which depend on various factors, are tailored to each customer, so it is not possible to determine the price per standard meter. However, we will gladly prepare a non-binding custom price quote for you.
For the production of our gates, pedestrian gates, and fences, we work with steel that undergoes an anti-corrosion process of hot-dip galvanizing. As a filling material, we can use steel, aluminum, wood-plastic composite, or any other material suitable for outdoor use.
Our offer includes both galvanized and aluminum fillings. We provide you with a sturdy steel frame and lightweight aluminum filling.
Yes, our VISIO building division provides comprehensive construction services, from interior to exterior works.
In the final surface treatment, we collaborate with a powder coating plant. Their offer includes high-quality paints from brands such as AXALTA, JOTUN, or TIGER according to the RAL color chart with a smooth or fine texture, as well as in glossy, matte, or semi-matte finishes. In addition to these colors, we also offer special colors based on available samples.
In most cases, customers send us approximate dimensions based on which we create a price quote for them. If they accept the price quote, we come personally to measure the entire project. However, if you are interested in a survey even before creating the price quote, it is advisable to arrange a date with our sales representative considering travel planning.
You can obtain a free price quote by filling out the FORM available on our website. However, it is necessary to specify whether you are interested in a GARAGE GATE, FENCE AND ENTRY GATE, or SHADING TECHNOLOGY.

For creating a price quote for fences and entrance gates, we need approximate dimensions of the openings for the gate, barrier, and fence panels. If you want the gate and fence as a unified whole suspended on metal pillars without masonry, simply provide us with the total length for implementation with an approximate distribution of how many meters for the gate, barrier, and solid fence panels, as well as the desired height. In the case of the gate, please specify whether it is a single-leaf, double-leaf, sliding on a track, or self-supporting sliding gate. These details should include accessories such as gate drive, electric lock, video intercom, and others that you desire. Most of the accessories (covering strips, rubber stop seals, hardware, and others…) are priced to our customers already in the basic equipment. It is important to determine the location of implementation so that we can include transportation and installation costs in the price immediately. Also, it is necessary to choose the appearance of your gate or fence, so try to select from OUR PATTERNS.

We are pleased when our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Verified quality, accommodating employees, professional advice, constant product development, the prospect of a stable company for warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, and emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience the approach of our colleagues firsthand.
It is good to verify the work of the company, its achievements, and the satisfaction of already served customers. In the long term, it is more advantageous for you to choose a professional company that will stay on the market in the future, ensuring that your warranty remains valid. There is also a guarantee that the company handles a larger number of orders, thus having “figured out” various errors that may arise from using the gate. Development is also essential for the company, which is why its products are more functional, innovative, and durable. If you look at a particular company, the project it did a year ago looks different from the current one.
You can report a malfunction or damage to us via email to our service email It is necessary to attach photos of the specific defect to the email. After receiving the email, you will receive an automatically generated message. Subsequently, our technician will address the issue and assess the cause of the defect. In the last step, you will be contacted about the further procedure.
Automatically upon reporting a fault, our technician will arrange a date with you to come and fix the issue. Everything is within your satisfaction and the timeframe that suits you best.
This question will be answered by the following BLOG, where you will also find a graphic processing and comparison of these options. In short, multi-layer painting is an innovation in the field of painting, which will bring you a longer life thanks to better adhesion of the individual layers of paint and the stability of this paint, and detail errors that can be caused by degassing at high temperatures in the oven are avoided. However, if you choose one-piece painting, it does not mean the fact that you have chosen a low-quality product is only the development and improvement of already existing technologies.
Since our main goal is constant innovation and increasing comfort, we have introduced the option of multi-layer coating. With this style, we can give the gate an even more beautiful visual appearance, and because we trust this innovation, we have decided to extend the warranty to 6 or 8 years.
Gates and fences within 14 weeks. Of course, all delivery times are communicated to you in advance and agreed upon according to contractual terms.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.
If you are interested, you can order maintenance-related tasks from us. We recommend lubricating the hinges with silicone oil as needed. After a year, it is recommended to lubricate the threaded rod of the gate drive with grease.
If you are interested, you can order maintenance-related tasks from us. However, we recommend lubricating the lock tongue of the pedestrian gate, especially in winter months, with silicone oil.
In case of dirt, we recommend cleaning the surface as needed with a soft cloth and clean water. Especially after the winter period, spray the entire product with clean water from a hose or a sprayer from an appropriate distance. Repeat the process at least once after drying. This is mainly to rinse off any salt that may have accumulated on the gate, for example, from car splashes.