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Our range of shading technology is perfect for enjoying hot summer days, protecting against rain or strong UV radiation. You can choose exterior blinds, screen blinds, awnings and pergolas. A motor control with connection to a smart home is a matter of course. In the offer, we have prepared dozens of options for choosing patterns and colors for you. In the right combination, which we are happy to recommend, you will give your home an even more beautiful visual. The entire system is manufactured in aluminum with the use of high-quality materials, for example PVC shielding materials. We have an offer prepared even for the most demanding clients with additional extensions such as premium colors, fabrics, LED backlighting and the like. We provide the entire process on a turnkey basis – from targeting to final assembly with subsequent maintenance and post-warranty service. If necessary, we will also process building modifications on request.


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Send us a non-binding inquiry with your idea. Our nearest sales representative will attend to you and prepare an offer tailored to you individually.

What does the implementation of the shading technique include?


We provide our clients with a 2-year warranty. We don’t forget our clients even after 2 years. By being a member of the VISIO family, you have endless options for post-warranty service.



In addition to the standard offer, we also have options for its expansion for our clients. We offer you automated control, sensors, intelligent control, drives with thermal fuse and electric switch, switch control or remote control. For manual control, we offer the option of choosing different cranks or a removable crank. For the most demanding clients, we offer LED shoulder lighting and premium fabrics.


In the offer you will find various color versions from basic colors to premium. The palette has more than 25 colors and patterns in each category. If you can’t find your color, together we can customize your request. Custom logo/text printing is a matter of course. To find your right combination, visit OUR PATTERNS.


We secure the entire process on a turnkey basis. All you have to do is make a non-binding offer with us and we will take care of everything. We will come at the agreed date to focus on the project, give technical advice or show various samples. We will then prepare a tailor-made offer and, after approval, deliver and install the project. Warranty and post-warranty service is a matter of course.


Clients who choose the installation of shading technology get not only a visual beautification of their home but also other functions. Among the most important of them is the reduction of heating and electricity costs due to the adjustment of products according to daylight. Clients will appreciate enjoying the day during hot summer days on their terraces and conservatories. Among the advantages is also protection against rain in case of grilling, relaxing with coffee, etc.


The structure itself of each product is made of a strong aluminum frame. For products with a fabric version, we use PVC fabrics with high-quality UV protection > and zero transmission of light rays. These materials are also characterized by strength against rain. In the case of solid structures, we use polycarbonate material, the so-called Lexan.


We provide the whole process on a turnkey basis. From the first contact through the focus and review of all the details, through subsequent production and delivery to final assembly. After successful assembly, we will explain all the functionalities associated with the products. Subsequent maintenance and post-warranty service are a matter of course. All you have to do is contact us, we will take care of everything else.


If interested, we will also provide construction modifications according to the assignment. The whole process is managed by us and our employees, not by an external company. A big advantage is therefore reducing the total time and reducing the resulting amount.


Our prices, which depend on several factors, are calculated individually for each customer, so it is not possible to determine the price per standard meter. However, we will gladly prepare a non-binding custom price quote for you.
Yes, our VISIO building division provides comprehensive construction services – from interior to exterior works.
In most cases, customers send us approximate details based on which we create a price quote for them. If they accept the price quote, we will come personally to measure the entire project. However, if you are interested in a survey even before creating the price quote, it is advisable to arrange a date with our sales representative considering travel planning.
You can obtain a free price quote by filling out the FORM SHADING TECHNOLOGY. available on our website.
We are pleased when our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Verified quality, accommodating employees, professional advice, constant product development, the prospect of a stable company for warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, and emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience the approach of our colleagues firsthand.
It is good to verify the work of the company, its achievements, and the satisfaction of already served customers. In the long term, it is more advantageous for you to choose a professional company that will stay on the market in the future, ensuring that your warranty remains valid. There is also a guarantee that the company handles a larger number of orders, thus having “figured out” various errors that may arise from using the gate. Development is also essential for the company, which is why its products are more functional, innovative, and durable. If you look at a particular company, the project it did a year ago looks different from the current one – this shows how they focus on developing new things.
You can report a malfunction or damage to us via email to our service email It is necessary to attach photos of the specific defect to the email. After receiving the email, you will receive an automatically generated message. Subsequently, our technician will address the issue and assess the cause of the defect. In the last step, you will be contacted about the further procedure.
Automatically upon reporting a fault, our technician will arrange a date with you to come and fix the issue. Everything is within your satisfaction and the timeframe that suits you best.
We provide our clients with a minimum 2-year warranty for our products. You can adjust this warranty period for each of our products according to your needs, and thus it is possible to purchase warranty extensions as needed. We do not forget about our clients even after the 2-year period. By being members of the VISIO family, you have endless possibilities for post-warranty service as well.
Blinds up to 8 weeks, standard screen blinds up to 8 weeks, standard pergolas up to 7 weeks, and awnings up to 10 weeks. Of course, all delivery times are communicated to you in advance and agreed upon according to the terms of the contract.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.