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Drives for swing gates

There are several types of automatic drives for swing gates. These are used considering the conditions of the gate anchoring and the opening space. The most frequently used type is the RAY drive, which is a classic wing drive. Less commonly used is the REVO drive – an articulated drive designed for gates that are installed deeper in the opening (up to 200mm). The last option is the UNDER underground drive. With this type of drive, it is a more complex installation, where it is necessary to properly store the base box. The advantage of this type is that it is installed in the ground, thus this drive becomes invisible and you also do not need space on the sides of the entrance as with a classic or articulated drive.

What does the realization of a drive for swing gates include?
Pohony pre krídlové brány


LED diodes are built into the front part of the drive. The robust body of the drive is made of aluminum, the cover plastics are created by an innovative process, they are resistant to the effects of weather and UV radiation, they maintain their color stability. Its advantage is number of functions, design and quiet operation.



LED diodes built into the front part of the drive. This drive is very slim, which allows it to be mounted on posts from 100mm wide. Recessing the gate leaf in the hole is permissible up to up to 200mm. The drive is very quiet and has both end stops in the motor. The control unit is also built into the drive, so there is no need to mount the control unit in a separate box.


This underground drive is exceptional in its ability to open swing gates to an angle greater than 110°, which is standard for classic swing drives. It is practically invisible, as its top cover plate is level with the ground and the rest of the body is located below ground level.


The standard drive RAY and the underground drive UNDER are also produced in the FASTLINE version, which means fast opening and closing of your gate. It can open the gate to the 90° level in 10-15 seconds. The color design of this type differs from other KEY brand drives by the dark black cover.