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Unreal in the past, now a matter of course. We are talking about a smart home. In our offer you will find the connection of artificial intelligence with shading elements. Home automation from Somfa will allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world. You will always be informed about what is happening in your household. Controls are available through one application. The application offers you the possibility to create advanced setting scenarios that will increase your daily comfort. You won’t miss anything, because you always have an overview of all connected devices.


All of which you can control

The system works with io-homecontrol wireless technology, thanks to which you can always expand the range of connected devices. You can add devices gradually, all you need is an Internet connection. Over time, you can control the entrance gate, garage door, lighting, external and internal shading, but also heating, thermostat, etc.


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Send us a non-binding inquiry with your idea. Our nearest sales representative will attend to you and prepare an offer tailored to you individually.
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We provide our clients with a 2-year warranty. We don’t forget our clients even after 2 years. By being a member of the VISIO family, you have endless options for post-warranty service.



We offer our clients automation solution design, expert advice on choosing a suitable product, safe installation, detailed explanation of device functionalities, connection and centralization of control of individual elements, connection and configuration of new equipment, supply of spare parts and maintenance with post-warranty service.


Somfy has been the largest manufacturer and leader in its segment for more than 45 years. All products are carefully tested, tested and designed to provide the user with maximum comfort and at the same time to be easy to operate. In addition, they are compatible with each other and also with a whole range of other smart systems. More than 270 million customers use Somfy solutions on the market.


We secure the entire process on a turnkey basis. All you have to do is make a non-binding offer with us and we will take care of everything. We will come at the agreed date to focus on the project, give technical advice or show various samples. We will then prepare a tailor-made offer and, after approval, deliver and install the project. Warranty and post-warranty service is a matter of course.


A smart home brings with it a number of advantages. Among the biggest ones, we include saving your time, increasing the comfort of living and saving money. We can also include beautifying the home, reducing system error rates and the like.

TaHoma Switch

TaHoma switch will provide you not only comfort, but also safety. Whether you have an apartment or a house, the TaHoma switch can handle all your devices. The Switch communicates via Wi-Fi, meaning no data cables are required.


Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily set your own scenarios. Create scenarios, for example, for leaving the house, for dinner or good morning. The system also enables heating control and heat saving. Set the scenarios so that the blinds are opened during solar activity in winter and the interior is heated from the outside – at the same time the heating is turned off. In case of bad weather and a drop in temperature, the blinds are closed and thus prevent the heat from escaping – the heating is switched on again.



You can manage the control via an application on a smartphone or tablet. Another option is to run the scenario using a smart watch or a voice assistant. remote or wall controls are a matter of course. There is no need to cut into the wall to fix the controls.