Folding double-leaf gate with pedestrian gate and fencing

We can be proud of another successfully delivered custom-made project in the western part of Slovakia in the village of Veľký Grob, where we supplied the client with a folding double-leaf gate with full automation, a barrier with an electromagnetic lock and a fence element. We tuned the entire project to anthracite color RAL 7016 and aluminum lamellar infill.

Client: Bronislav S.

Place: Veľký Grob

Date: 8/12/2021

Order from the customer

Our presentation of the folding gate on the Internet with the possibility of saving space appealed to the client. If you are interested in learning more about the folding system, we recommend click here. Subsequently, he therefore contacted us with a request to focus and prepare an offer. We fulfilled the request, focused the project, processed a free offer and then reached an agreement with the client. The subject of the agreement was also the use of double painting with the CORROFIX label and therefore also with the extension of the warranty for 6 years.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4410mm x 1640mm

Pedestrian gate – 1020mm x 1650mm

Fence panel – 2020mm x 1340mm





RAL 7016 Fine structure



– KEY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– KUBE – phone control

– Stainless steel fittings

– Electromagnetic lock

– Custom folding system

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

From the very beginning to its conclusion, the project went through the processes with flying colors. The client had requests such as a folding system, double painting, extended warranty, use of a different handle than we offer, and so on. We have processed all these requirements for the client, approved them, and we believe that the client is satisfied with everything as a result.

General view

Double-leaf folding gate

Double-leaf folding gate

Fence panel

Fence panel

Pedestrian gate with fence part

Folding mechanism

Pedestrian gate with stainless steel handle
Closed gate