SMART Accessories

It is not for nothing that our motto is VISIO SMART LIVING. In this direction as well, we try to make progress and deliver the best to our clients, which is why we sometimes search in unswimmed waters. Fresh news are, for example, new LED beacons with an interesting design, brushless technology that offers several smart options, WIFI connection of drives with your household, and the like. We believe that cooperation with ROGER Technology is only the beginning of the possibilities we will deliver for our clients.

What ROGER Technology offers


BRUSHLESS technology is offered in every ROGER drive. The easiest way to describe such drives is to call them drives on steroids without the side effects. Thanks to this technology, self-produced drives can handle the most demanding conditions. They ensure extreme performance, lower consumption and almost silent operation.


Safety comes first. Photocells, various switches accurate to the millimeter or millisecond are a matter of course. Thanks to the LED backlight of the designed lighthouse, there will be no unpleasant collisions. External batteries, which you can purchase at any time, are a great solution in the event of a power outage.


Italian fashion cannot be denied. Forget the usual contours. ROGER tries to differentiate itself in this direction as well, the beacon itself supplied in orange / white color, the possibility to choose the color of the drive cover (black / white), interestingly shaped controls, or photocells can be proof. Development and monitoring of trends will ensure further design progress.


Wifi module is a control and setting element. Thanks to this module, you and we can quickly and easily control BRUSHLESS drives via mobile phone. You know and we can set them remotely from anywhere. The Wifi module is a practical solution for every customer, but also for installers. You know that is that you can open the gate anytime and from anywhere, and we know that if there is an error that can be solved by a simple reset, we will fix it for you immediately upon request.