Masonry fences

Among other things, our portfolio of services also includes masonry fences of all kinds. With their function, fences fulfill several requirements, while above all they protect our property from the entry of strangers, and at the same time their main task is aesthetics. The type of fencing is the result of the selected material or their combinations and incorporation into the surrounding environment so that the overall impression is balanced and harmonized with the surroundings. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the type and material of the fence, taking into account several factors such as the style of the house, the predominant materials and, last but not least, the surrounding environment. In cooperation with the VISIO building division, we can provide and implement turnkey fencing according to your wishes.

What does the implementation of a brick fence include?


We are more than confident in the work we have done in the implementation of construction activities, and we approach individual orders with emphasis on details. Also based on this, we have a 3-year warranty for the services we provide.


We will be happy to advise you with the selection of a suitable fence for your plot. Masonry fencing consists of concrete blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors. When choosing a fence, we try to meet the requirements of the client and choose the best possible solution for the construction of the fence.


We carry out all our orders to measurement due to the conditions that we have to meet with different types of land. We will solve the construction of fencing in sloping terrain, the installation of distribution boxes in the fencing and many other requirements to Your satisfaction.


With growing experience, we develop new solutions and innovate used elements. Thanks to this, we are constantly moving forward and improving our service offer. We are aware that fencing and entrance gates should fill you with a sense of security and comfort, so we pay a lot of attention to this and offer turnkey fencing and entrance gates.

You can find more information about the construction activity on the website:


Our prices, which depend on several factors, are calculated individually for each customer, therefore it is not possible to determine the price for a regular meter. However, we will be happy to prepare a non-binding price offer tailored for you.
We manufacture products from steel that undergoes an anti-corrosion hot-dip galvanizing process.
Aluminum gates are not included in our portfolio, but we can make you a gate of adequate quality.
Yes, our company can provide the entire turnkey project. We will prepare the foundations, walls and all construction preparations associated with our work. You can find more about our construction activities on our web.
Yes, our services are available throughout the Slovak Republic.
In the field of final surface treatment, we cooperate with a powder coating company, whose offer includes high-quality colors of the brands AXALTA, JOTUN and TIGER according to the RAL sample book with a smooth or fine texture, as well as in gloss, matte or semi-matte finishes. In addition to these colors, we also offer special colors according to available samples.
In most cases, customers send us approximate dimensions, on the basis of which we create a price offer. If they accept the price offer, we will personally come to focus on the entire order. However, if you are interested in focusing even before creating a price offer, it is advisable to make an appointment with our sales representative in view of travel planning.
If you don’t want to read the whole answer, just contact us by email or just click on FORM FOR CREATING A PRICE OFFER.

To create a price offer for fences and entrance gates, the approximate dimensions of the openings for the gate, barrier and fence parts are important to us. If you want to have both the fence and the gate as a single unit suspended on metal posts without walls, you just need to enter the total length for the implementation with an approximate division of how many meters per gate, barrier and fixed fence parts, as well as the required height. In the case of the gate, please indicate whether it is single-leaf, double-leaf, sliding on a rail or sliding self-supporting. In addition to these data, it is necessary to write down accessories such as a drive for the gate, an electric lock, a video intercom and others that you wish. Most of the accessories (cover strips, stop rubber seals, fittings and others…) are priced to our customers already in the basic equipment. It is important to specify the place of implementation, so that we immediately include transport and assembly in the price. It is also necessary to choose the appearance of your gate or fence, so try to choose from OUR MODELS.

In the event of a breakdown, a service technician for the western part as well as a technician for the eastern part of Slovakia are at your disposal. Service is the basis of successful operation and good references, so we respond promptly to our customers’ suggestions.
We are glad that our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Proven quality, friendly employees, expert advice, continuous product development, perspective of a stable company for warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience the peer approach for yourself.
It is good to check the work of the given company, what are their implementations and the satisfaction of already equipped customers. In the case of a long-term perspective, it is more advantageous for you to choose a professional company that will remain on the market in the future and thus you will not lose the guarantee. There is also a guarantee that a larger number of orders pass through the company’s hands, thus they have “picked up” various errors that may arise when using the gate. Development is a matter of course for the company, which is why their products are more functional, innovative, and long-lasting. If you look at the company in question, the order they did a year ago looks different than the current one – this shows how they are dedicated to developing new things.
You report the malfunction or damage to us by email to our service email Photos of the given defect must also be attached to the email. After receiving the email, you will receive an automatically generated message. Subsequently, our technician will deal with the problem and evaluate the cause of the defect. In the last step, you will be contacted about the next procedure.
Automatically, when reporting a fault, our technician will agree a date with you when we will come to fix the fault. Everything within your satisfaction and the date that suits you best.
This question will be answered by the following link, where you will also find a graphic processing and comparison of these options. In short, multi-layer painting is an innovation in the field of painting, which will bring you a longer life thanks to better adhesion of the individual layers of paint and the stability of this paint, and detail errors that can be caused by degassing at high temperatures in the oven are avoided. However, if you choose one-piece painting, it does not mean
the fact that you have chosen a low-quality product is only the development and improvement of already existing technologies.
Since our main goal is constant innovation and increasing comfort, we came up with the possibility of multi-layer painting. With this style, we can give the gate an even more beautiful look, and since we trust this innovation, we have also decided to extend the warranty to an optional 6 or 8 years.
It is individual depending on the project. Gates and fences up to 14 weeks, garage doors up to 6 weeks, blinds up to 8 weeks, standard screen blinds up to 8 weeks and pergolas up to 7 weeks. Of course, all delivery times are communicated to you in advance and agreed upon according to the terms of the contract.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.
Of course. Our service line at +421 910 607 662 is at your disposal from Monday to Friday. After handing over the project, you will be given a business card with a contact for the service line.