Pergolas with fixed roof
Welcome to our collection of fixed roof pergolas – quality and stylish solutions for your outdoor space. Our fixed roof pergola is designed with reliable protection from the elements and to accentuate the aesthetics of your exterior.

The quality construction of our pergolas uses durable aluminum profiles with precision machining and special surface protection. This combination ensures a long service life and high resistance to weather fluctuations.

The pergola roof is available in a safety glass or polycarbonate version, which provides optimum protection from the sun’s rays and rain. The safety glass adds aesthetic dimension and elegance to the space under the pergola.

In our varied range, you will find two types of pergolas – CLOUD and KARBON. Both of these variants combine exceptional design with practical functionality, offering you the opportunity to choose the right solution for your unique outdoor space.

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The CLOUD pergola is a visual gem that emphasizes modern design while providing reliable protection from both sun and rain. The entire structure of this pergola is made of extruded aluminum, which is finished with a practical powder-coated finish. This combination not only adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also ensures high weather resistance, making the CLOUD pergola a durable and reliable solution for your outdoor space.

One of the exceptional features of this pergola is its solid glazed roof made of 8 mm safety glass. This roof not only perfectly resists wind and atmospheric influences, but also creates a unique atmosphere under the pergola. The feeling of closeness to the surrounding nature and the endless views of the sky are achieved without compromise thanks to the glass cover.


Basic configuration of CLOUD pergola from VISIO

We offer you comfort and elegance in one with our basic CLOUD pergola set. This configuration has been carefully designed with an emphasis on quality materials and modern design, making it an ideal solution for your outdoor space.


Gutter: The gutter of the CLOUD pergola is made of an aluminum profile with dimensions of 154x171mm. This feature not only adds to the overall design, but also ensures efficient water drainage in the event of rain, minimizing the risk of the slats closing.

 Skylight: Skylight, made of an aluminum profile with dimensions of 183×42 mm (for a pergola with anchoring to the wall), provides another level of structural stability. Its surface treatment increases the overall durability of the pergola.

 Construction colors: Choose the construction color according to your style. We offer white, brown (RAL 8016) and anthracite (RAL 7016) options, allowing you to adapt the pergola to your preferences and overall exterior design.

 Slope: The CLOUD pergola is set with a slope of 8 degrees, which ensures optimal protection from the sun and enables efficient drainage of water in case of rain.


Colour of construction

Choose the color of the structure according to your taste using RAL colors in glossy or matte finish. Our range of patterns will help you make a decision to achieve perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.


LED backlighting of the truss

Add ambiance and style to your outdoor space with LED truss lighting. This accessory not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but also provides practical lighting for your evening activities under the pergola.


Footings for anchoring supporting columns

For free-standing pergolas, it is possible to add feet for anchoring the supporting columns. This ensures a stable and safe installation, which increases the overall reliability of the structure.


Slope other than 8 degrees

Do you require a different angle to achieve optimal protection or an aesthetic effect? With an additional fee set, you can adjust the slope according to your individual requirements, thus obtaining the maximum adaptability of the CLOUD pergola.



Pergola KARBON represents a combination of reliability and elegant design for your outdoor space. It is made of extruded aluminum, which provides high resistance to weathering, while its powder-coated finish gives the pergola a modern and elegant look. 

The roof of the KARBON pergola is made of 16 mm polycarbonate, which ensures reliable protection against wind and atmospheric influences. This material not only protects against adverse weather conditions, but also creates pleasant light conditions under the pergola, which increases your comfort.


Safety glass roof : The KARBON pergola is equipped with a quality roof made of 8 mm safety glass, which not only protects against rain, but also adds elegance and brightness to the space under the pergola.

Roof color options : Choose between clear and milky roof color variants, and customize the pergola according to your taste and style.

Rafters with an aluminum profile : The pergola rafters are made of an aluminum profile with a size of 105×52 mm, with a varnished surface. This design ensures strength and stability of the entire structure.

Supporting columns and gutter beam : An aluminum profile measuring 110×110 mm is used to create supporting columns and a gutter beam. These parts are surface treated with varnish, which guarantees a long life and resistance to weather effects.

Gutter with an aluminum profile : An aluminum gutter with dimensions of 164×171 mm ensures reliable drainage of water from the surface of the pergola. Its lacquer surface treatment increases the durability and aesthetic impression of the entire structure.

Skylight with aluminum profile : The skylight of the pergola, with dimensions of 183×42 mm (when anchored to the wall), is made of an aluminum profile and has a varnished surface, which ensures additional strength and stability.

Construction color options : Choose the construction color according to your taste and exterior style. You can choose between white, brown (RAL 8016) and anthracite (RAL 7016).

Roof slope : The slope of the roof of the KARBON pergola is set to 8 degrees, which ensures optimal water drainage and an aesthetically pleasing design.


Colour design options

Personalize the appearance of your exterior by choosing the color of the structure according to your taste. You can choose from an extensive palette of RAL shades, including the option of glossy or matte finish. For a better idea, take a look at our sample collection.


LED backlighting of the truss:

Create a unique atmosphere in your outdoor space with the optional LED backlight of the KARBON pergola truss. This elegant lighting adds an aesthetic and comfortable element to your exterior.


Footings for anchoring supporting columns

For free-standing pergolas, we offer additional equipment in the form of feet for anchoring the supporting columns. This accessory increases the stability and safety of your KARBON pergola.


Slope other than 8 degrees

If you want an individual pitch of the roof for your KARBON pergola, an additional option allows you to adjust the pitch according to your wishes. In this way, adapt the construction to your aesthetic and practical requirements.

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The installation time depends on the size and specifications of the pergola, but on average, it can take several days. A professional installation team can shorten the installation time.
Our range includes several RAL color shades for the pergola structure, as well as the option to choose between a matte and glossy finish.
Pergolas with a solid roof have an integrated rainwater drainage system that ensures safe and efficient water runoff from the roof.
In the standard configuration, the roof pitch is set at 8 degrees, but there is an option to adjust the pitch according to individual requirements.
A safety glass roof adds aesthetic appeal and transparency, while polycarbonate provides a different design and slightly different level of light transmission.
Yes, we offer additional options, including LED roof lighting, customization of the structure color, side walls, and other accessories.
Regular cleaning and inspection of the structure’s condition are usually sufficient. Detailed information can be found in the maintenance manual.

Our pergolas are designed with weather resistance in mind and tested under demanding conditions. We also provide information on maximum load capacity in various conditions.

Our pergolas come with a standard 2-year warranty. More information about the warranty and service can be found in our warranty terms.