Garage door

An interesting project that we found in our archive. We installed a custom-made garage door for our client. The client chose an interesting model imitating wood. The main interest in this project is the longitudinal slope of the land. The garage door copies the given slope. The bottom part has the FINGERSAFE system for safety. The entire garage door is fully automated.

Date: 18/07/2021

Order from the customer

The client contacted us with a request to supply a turnkey garage door. Based on the obtained data, we created a price offer for the client, which we then presented to you. During the contact, we found out that the client has a rising plot of land. Since he could not accurately determine the ratio of the climb, an agreement was reached at a personal meeting. We aimed the entire hole, and carefully set the angle of inclination thanks to our laser meters. We agreed on all the details and finally confirmed the next course of action.


Dimension of holes

Garage door – 4800mm x 2300mm










KEY drive (controller)

Lateral suspension



Project realisation

The entire implementation took place according to the set plan. The more complicated assembly turned out successful thanks to the skill of our fitters. The last of the panels was adjusted according to the angle of rise and thus we ensured the total closure of the rising land without any unwanted gap. In the end, we handed over the keys to the client along with instructions for the garage door.

Garage gate

Garage gate

Garage gate

Garage gate

Inside view

Inside view