Drives for garage doors

ROGER drives offer various options. You can choose classic drives for garage doors up to 8m2 or choose more demanding pieces over 8m2. You don’t have to worry about their reliability in hot summer or cold winter temperatures. The brushless technology offered by the ROGER brand will ensure smooth running at a higher speed. A guarantee of one million cycles not only sounds good, but in reality it also removes unnecessary worries for the customer when making the right choice. Thanks to drive manufacturers such as ROGER, nowadays we don’t have to worry about low-quality materials either on the outside or in the construction of the drives.

What does the implementation of a drive for garage doors include?


BRUSHLESS drives for hinged garage doors Roger Technology. They are silent and have a very smooth operation. BRUSHLESS drives for hinged garage doors allow this type of door to be easily opened up to an area of 14 m².



Intensive operation even in the worst conditions. Brushless technology combined with quality production will ensure smooth operation of the gate even in minus temperatures. You don’t even have to worry about a long wait, because your gate will open 2x faster than with conventional drives.



The Italian manufacturer ROGER Technology ensures 100% product quality. This is not an ordinary subcontractor of drives, but a real manufacturer of every single component. Drives undergo severe testing and the result is the processing of quality and powerful drives.