Drives for sliding gates

Whether it is a sliding gate on a rail or a self-supporting sliding gate, we always use the same type of gear drive. On the gate itself, there is a toothed rack along its entire length, and thus the gate opens and closes through the movement of the rack along the motor’s gear wheel. The toothed comb that we mount on the gate has a metal core and a plastic cover, which guarantees quiet operation. ROGER drives for sliding gates offer the possibility of double speed, smooth start-up and deceleration. The operation of the gate is very quiet and shows low consumption.

What does the implementation of a drive for sliding gates include?

BH 30

For more demanding clients, we offer a ROGER drive. It offers shifting of gates up to 800kg weight. Thanks to the equipment, the brushless drive ensures smooth operation even in the most demanding conditions. You don’t have to worry about long waits when opening, the ROGER drive has fast opening and closing.

BG 30

We don’t know borders. If you have an oversized gate, there is no better option than the BG 30. We also recommend this drive to clients with extreme climbs where the gate must perform 2x higher performance. The drive with brushless technology offers the possibility of opening gates up to a weight of 2,200 kg. With such a heavy gate, we don’t forget smooth running and opening speed.

BM 30

For gates in intensive operation, we recommend the BM 30 series drive. The brushless drive ensures smooth start-up and deceleration. The BM30 series for sliding gates up to 400 kg has a magnetic or mechanical limit switch. All models have high speed. We produce all versions in a modern design characteristic of professional automation products.