Pohony pre garážové brány

Drives for garage doors

Garage doors have a wide range of uses, whether in the private sector or for companies. As for the drives for this type of gates, for smaller gates, mostly in the private sector, we use classic garage drives with a guide bar that pulls the sectional gate. For larger gates, an industrial drive is used, which is located on the shaft of the garage door, when it turns the shaft and thereby lifts the garage door. However, the KEY automation brand does not produce the industrial drive, so we use a reliable German drive from the GfA Elektromaten brand. Of course, we automate smaller gates again with quiet, stylish and reliable KEY automation drives.

What does the implementation of a drive for garage doors include?
Pohony pre garážové brány


The specialist for sectional garage doors is KEY HALO. It is characterized by its modern design and quiet operation thanks to the guide bar with a rubber belt with an implemented steel cable. This reliable and powerful worker is also available in a version with control via a phone application.


The design of the drive is in standard white and gray colors. For the drive, it is possible to choose from two types of guide rails, i.e. a classic one with a rubber belt or an aluminum guide rail with a built-in LED strip on both sides along its entire length.


German company, which in the Elektromaten division focuses on the production of drives and control units for industrial gates. They are special shaft drives intended for sectional gates. With their strength, they can easily pull the gate into the desired position. Their advantage is durability and trouble-free operation.