Pohony pre posuvné brány

Drives for sliding gates

Whether it is a sliding gate on a rail or a self-supporting sliding gate, we always use the same type of gear drive. On the gate itself, there is a toothed rack along its entire length, and thus the gate opens and closes through the movement of the rack along the motor’s gear wheel. The toothed comb that we mount on the gate has a metal core and a plastic cover, which guarantees quiet operation. As is standard with drives of the KEY automation brand, drives for sliding gates also contain a number of functions and are made in a design version.

What does the implementation of a drive for sliding gates include?


The sliding gates are handled by the KEY SUN drive. A reliable worker that, thanks to its 24V version, does not overheat even on hot summer days and is ready for intensive operation. Once again, it has built-in LED lighting, it is a matter of course that you can control it by phone and connect the garden lighting.


The SUN drive is also produced in the FASTLINE version, which is distinguished by its black and white color scheme. The gate opening speed is up to 40cm/s.