Garážová brána

Garage door

Sectional garage door, on which we applied the drive of the KEY automation brand – HALO. Safety is ensured by an optical bar built into the lower sealing rubber. The surface treatment of the panels is in a special anthracite color with a rough structure and fine glitter.

Client: Jakub P.

Location: Široké

Date: 21.5.2019


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Order from the customer

The client asked us for a garage door with drive for his new building. Based on the dimensions of the opening, the color of the panels as well as the accessories specified by him, we prepared a price offer. After the consultation, we agreed on cooperation and visited the client personally. At this meeting, a precise focus took place, an inspection of the panel samples, which we selected according to the color shade of the windows, a precise consultation regarding accessories, where the customer chose an electric drive control with two controllers and a modern LED guideway, from the point of view of safety, he decided on an optical bar, which is built into the lower part of the gate. Since the customer also had another entrance to the garage, we did not deal with the transition door in the gate or the mechanical unlocking of the drive in the event of a power failure.


Hole size

5000mm x 2200mm


Translation height



Panel color



Panel surface



  • electric drive
  • LED guideway
  • 2x remote transmitter
  •  optical bar
  • 4x panel reinforcement

Project realisation

After 3 weeks from the initial focus, we planned the installation of the garage door and accessories in agreement with the customer. We anchored the guide rails of the gate on the sides of the opening to the brick wall and the upper part to the wooden beams. After placing and anchoring the panels, we tested the operation of the gate mechanically, where the gate worked without problems. Subsequently, we installed the electric drive and the guideway as well as the optical bar. The drive opened and closed the gate without hesitation, but the problem arose when connecting the optical bar, which did not respond to any contact with an obstacle. Due to the fact that at the time of installation, the drive from the KEY brand was new, we did not have as much experience with it as with the previous type, and thus the connection of the optical bar complicated our work. Based on the various options we tried, we managed to damage the drive control unit. The solution was a consultation with our supplier and directly with the Italian manufacturer, where we supplied the customer with a new drive and functionalized the optical bar.

Garážová brána
Detail of the color and surface of the panel
Garážová brána
Connection of the drive to the garage door + string for mechanical unlocking
Garážová brána
General view from the inside showing the use of panel reinforcements
Garážová brána
KEY Halo drive with LED guideway
Garážová brána
The supporting structure and the panels anchored in it