With this article, we are happy to present to you our innovative new product in the field of dyeing, which is not easily seen.
Why innovate in an industry in which innovation does not even occur? Our main goal and towing machine is constant innovation in every direction, right from the beginning we came up with cover elements with which we ensure even more beautiful visuals and higher safety. Since we came up with these elements, it can be seen that other companies have also come up with this trend, but some still don’t consider it a breakthrough element. We are the only one on the market to offer you the production of custom-made oversized gates, we have samples that we have designed and processed into the final form by ourselves, we are the only one on the market to offer you the possibility of installing video intercoms with remote communication, handing over turnkey projects from construction preparation, through electrical installation to the final delivery and installation of the products. We managed to do all these innovations in less than 2 years and that is not even close to all, at this moment we are preparing major innovative elements that you will not see in Slovakia. That is why we tried to find an innovative element in the painting process as well, since this process is one of the most visible and essential in the overall production process.

The essence of double painting

To explain this process, it will be best to describe the entire process and then point out the issue just mentioned. It all starts with the steel structure that forms the basis of everything. This structure is cut and then welded by our employees (qualified, trained and certified). Already at this step, it is very important what style it is welded in and whether the welds are visible or not, which is another of our strengths and thus our welds are not visible. The advantage of using this steel structure is its strength and durability. For example, compared to aluminum, these structures are able to withstand any natural conditions and their technical condition cannot be disturbed.
These steel structures will subsequently undergo a hot-dip galvanizing process. In this step, the steel, after a suitable treatment, is immersed in approximately 450C hot molten zinc. Zinc and steel thus react with each other. This process creates zinc protection on the surface of the steel. The advantage of our work is the details that are also in this process. Since we prepare our steel structures thoroughly, we ensure that this zinc layer is formed not only on the outside but also on the inside. Under optimal conditions, protection against corrosion is up to 50 years, but because the external environment and the constantly changing weather do not create optimal conditions, in this case the protection is usually set for at least 25 years.
After galvanizing, we treat the products, gently clean them and remove impurities. It is very important to get rid of all impurities, otherwise there would be insufficient painting and since we pay attention to details again, our products undergo chemical preparations before painting, one of which is a chamber for general cleaning.
Then we can start painting our product. We start with the first layer of painting and therefore with the basic spray. The first layer consists of the anti-corrosion protective primer of the TIGER brand, with which we will ensure perfect anti-corrosion protection (where it is already determined by hot-dip galvanizing for 25 years), good mechanical properties, higher chemical resistance (for example, in areas with frequent snowfall and chemical sprinkling, in areas with frequent precipitation, road gates…) and longer life (slower color fading).
After this basic spray, our painters will check the entire project, find possible defects in the first spray and mark these areas for repair in the second spray.
With the last and therefore the second spraying again with high-quality paint of the TIGER brand, we reach the finals. Since the base layer was used, this second layer sticks to us much better, stronger and easier. In the end, we get a gate with 4 layers of protection and a service life of several decades.

Is single-layer painting worse (lower quality)?

We were most worried about this question and we often tried to explain it in a style like explaining to customers that our previous products were of high quality and that we invented this method does not mean that we produced something of poor quality.

I would like to start by saying that we have not offered single-layer painting until now. The process of hot-dip galvanizing from both the inside and the outside was also in this case (the warranty was and is 25 years) and then we added a third layer of varnish to the given 2 layers. In order to show the clients that it is not just a matter of replacing something of higher quality, we still left the given paintwork in circulation. We still use quality TIGER brands and we still pay attention to all the details. We have kept the guarantees and at the same time extended the guarantees.

Such painting is, for example, for customers who are often in areas where it rains or where there is frequent occurrence of snow, customers with gates close to the road, customers who have any animal in the household that can damage the gate and customers who are interested in something more. More in terms of not quality but more in terms of design.
An example is our customer from western Slovakia, who was convinced by the idea of having a longer warranty, longer color stability, and an even more beautiful appearance of the gate, and he did not hesitate to choose our new corrofix model.

Standard accessories for sliding gates
Of course, we have also prepared samples for you at our meetings, which are realistically processed and which you will be able to look at and physically try.
Is corrofix different in price?
Since twice as many layers of paint are applied to all products as is normally done, yes, the price is taken into account precisely for this factor. However, we will create an offer for all 3 options and it is only up to you which one you choose. As a result, however, you will receive a high-quality product that you will no longer have to worry about with additional coloring or repair.
I believe that with this post we were able to present our new product Corrofix to you and show you that as a company we are trying to constantly innovate mainly to ensure your comfort. However, if you are interested in learning more information about anything, just contact any of our sales representatives, who will agree all the details with you, propose a meeting date according to your free time, and present all our services to you, all free of charge and without obligation, because only after with this presentation, you will know what you are investing in once and that it is worth it.

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