Internal or external blinds? We have summarized the most important for you

Internal or external blinds? We have summarized the most important for you

Classic interior blinds rang. Whether you’ve ever had them or are just thinking about them, you can choose a better and more effective alternative. Outdoor blinds bring with them a number of advantages that you will surely love. In addition to being an elegant accessory for the interior of your home, they can also help reduce energy costs or make staying indoors more pleasant throughout the year.

External blinds are designed to cover the outer surface of windows or to be mounted on the outer edge of a balcony or terrace. They offer a discreet and retractable shade for glazing and exterior areas that are exposed to high levels of heat and sunlight. Compared to classic blinds, they have a number of advantages, which we will go over in this article.

Price and quality

Price is often the reason why people choose interior blinds, mounted on the inside of windows. They are usually quite a bit cheaper, which makes them ideal for rooms where a bigger investment wouldn’t make sense. Even so, they provide a short lifespan due to the plastic components that tend to wear out in less than 10 years or shortly after the warranty period expires.

You have certainly already encountered internal blinds, either at work or in other spaces, whose individual slats or slats are cracked or bent. Such deformation occurs especially when a person wants to look from behind closed blinds and easily opens them apart. For this reason alone, investing in this type of blinds is ineffective in the long term.

External blinds are a great option for quality shading. They are made of stronger materials and especially at VISIO we take care to ensure that the entire production and installation process is as precise as possible. Despite the fact that this type of blinds is in a higher price category, in addition to quality, it also offers convenience and efficiency.

Blinds style

Internal blinds can be made of plastic or wooden slats or textile material of various thicknesses. Their style is often adapted to the furniture in the room, thanks to which they complete the overall image of the living room, bedroom or children’s room. However, when you choose a separate design of interior blinds for each room, the house can look uneven from the outside.

External blinds provide a unified design for the visual exterior of your home. They add effective and functional decoration to bare windows. Thanks to a wide selection of colors, you can match the color of the external blinds with the color of the roof, windows or fence. It’s generally about adding a modern touch to every aspect of your home. Exterior blinds do not disturb the interior of the house at all. In addition, you can supply it with decorations in the form of soft curtains that will make every room in your house cozy.

Amount of shading

At the very beginning, we can say that the slats of classic internal blinds, which we know in a slight curve, cannot sufficiently shade the light penetrating through the window. Light and heat constantly penetrates through the sides of the blinds or individual gaps between the slats, because they do not fit together directly. In rooms with less sunlight, this might not be a problem. However, in rooms that are oriented to the east, south or west, when the sun shines through the windows practically most of the day, such blinds are not enough.

Despite the fact that there are many other types of internal blinds, among which we can include horizontal, vertical, textile, wooden or any other, blinds installed on the inside of the window always provide less protection from light than external blinds.

External blinds for us at VISIO represent maximum shading of the interior of your house. Due to the fact that each slat of the external blinds is shaped to fit perfectly into the next, the blinds can prevent the penetration of light 40% more effectively than with classic blinds. The advantage of external blinds is precisely the fact that they can catch the sun’s rays even before they hit the window, so the glass itself does not overheat. The same is true in the case of frost, when the external blinds protect the windows from frost, which can reduce the internal temperature in the rooms.

In this article, we have summarized for you the most important factors when deciding between external and internal blinds. If you are interested in external blinds, do not hesitate to contact us. At VISIO, we can create great shading, temperature regulation and a high-quality addition to your house precisely and to measure.