Why choose an entrance gate or fence from VISIO?

In today’s world, securing your home is one of the most important priorities. Fences and entrance gates from VISIO not only provide a sense of security but are also a key design element that completes the overall look of your exterior. Whether you prefer contact with your neighbors and choose a transparent version, or you prefer to enjoy privacy behind an opaque fence, our offer is wide enough to meet all your requirements.

Design and personalization

There are no limits to imagination, which is why, in addition to the basic offer, we can create a custom look, including a wide range of colors. You can open entrance gates and barriers from the comfort of your home or car, either with an application on your phone or a remote transmitter.

Our expertise and guarantee

We are confident in our work. We regularly undergo training and approach orders with an emphasis on details. That’s why we provide a 5-year warranty on our products. Hot-dip galvanizing ensures anti-corrosion protection, and we finish the products with powder coating for even greater safety and long-term durability.

Types of gates

We will be happy to advise you when choosing a suitable type of gate. The basic division of entrance gates is winged or sliding. However, if you have enough space for both types, the decision is just a matter of your taste.

Tailored and according to your needs

We make all our orders to measure, taking into account the conditions of the land. Opening the gate to the inside, to the street, to the hill, the opening in the fence for the gas box, the slope of the fence and the gates – we handle it all to your satisfaction.

Innovations and improvements

With increasing experience, we develop new solutions and innovate the used elements, thereby constantly moving forward and improving the quality of our services. We realize that the fence and entrance gate should fill you with a sense of security and comfort, so we pay a lot of attention to it.

Construction and materials

We make fences and entrance gates from steel. We have welding certificates and use quality equipment and certified materials, which guarantees the strength of our frames. We then rivet the fillings into these frames so that only the damaged part can be replaced in the event of mechanical damage.

Zinc plating and powder coating

In hot-dip galvanizing, steel is immersed in 450°C hot molten zinc, which creates an alloy of iron and zinc and provides protection against corrosion for up to 50 years. After galvanizing, we finish the products with powder coating, which guarantees long-term durability and an even higher degree of anti-corrosion protection.


There are several options for anchoring fence parts, barriers and gates. One of the options is a chemical anchor to the existing wall, or anchoring to steel columns manufactured by us. In terms of strength, both options are satisfactory, it just depends on your taste.

A wide assortment and atypical solutions

From swing gates to sliding rail gates, our products are created exactly according to your needs and ideas. Thanks to our experience and technologies, we can implement even the most demanding atypical solutions that adapt to your specific requirements and conditions on the property.

Expertise and innovation

We are certified experts who are constantly improving our procedures. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priority. That’s why we came up with the possibility of multi-layer painting, which gives the gates a more beautiful look and extends the warranty up to 6 or 8 years.

Entrusting the security of your home to experts from VISIO is a step in the right direction. Our professional care, quality materials and innovative solutions will not only provide you with a sense of security but also an aesthetically pleasing solution for your home. Choose VISIO and enjoy safety and comfort without compromise.

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