What are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic gate drives

Entrance gates are primarily designed to protect the property, separate it from the street or create a modern-looking entrance to your house. In many cases, it is an important part of every family or business property for security reasons. Last but not least, it can be about comfort, which is ensured by the automatic drive of both sliding and wing types of gates. Opinions on automatic gate operators differ from person to person, so we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages related to this topic for you.

Convenience and comfort

Automatic gate operators represent luxury in convenience and comfort for all people who use the entrance gate to park their vehicle or enter the property. Physical strength is required for entrance gates without a drive, which not everyone can handle considering the several hundred kilos that the gate itself has.

With the automatic drive, you can open and close the gate by simply pressing a button on the remote control without getting out of the car. Comforts therefore provide convenience and comfort, or protection against unpleasant exits and manual opening of the gate, even under unfavorable conditions. In addition, the automatic opening of the gate is effective especially for plots located on busy roads, where it takes less time than getting out of the car, manually opening the gate and re-entering together with parking.

Increased security

Some automatic gate operators feature advanced safety features designed to ensure maximum protection and safety for users and their surroundings. One of these functions is sensors. This ensures that the gate stops or opens if a person, animal or any object passes through the sensor. Sensors are traditionally placed on the sides of the entrance gate opening, directly opposite each other, to capture everything that passes through them.


Security is one of the important aspects that automatic gate drives bring to your home or business. One of the key advantages of automatic gate operators is their ability to automatically close after each pass. This means that you do not have to manually close the gate, but set the timing, for example, to 2 minutes.

Additional technologies

Modern technologies have not escaped us at VISIO either, so in this article we will also present additional technologies that come with automatic gate drives. One of them is connecting the gate drive with a mobile phone and its easy control. Despite the fact that separate controls for opening and closing the gate still dominate, this technology is a great addition to increase convenience.

Less than technology, but rather accessories, we can introduce LED backlight, which is very helpful when opening the gate at night or in the dark. Among other things, it is possible to mount a light beacon that alerts you to the opening and closing of the gate.

Maintenance and repairs

Automatic drives require regular maintenance and may occasionally break down. If you don’t know about drives, you probably won’t be able to do much. In most cases, automatic drives have an emergency manual opening, which is useful in the event of a power failure or damage to the drive. We do not know whether to consider this factor as an advantage or a disadvantage. Automatic gate operators are technologies that work on electricity, so it is usual that sometimes a problem will arise. Despite this, they provide comfort that has a long life. At VISIO you don’t have to worry because we provide our clients with an 8 year warranty and customer service.

Dependence on electricity

Automatic gate drives are dependent on a reliable source of electrical energy for their proper functioning. However, this dependence on electricity is also one of the main challenges and potential disadvantages of this type of automation. In the event of a power failure, a situation may arise where the gate becomes inoperable and you have to set up manual opening until the electricity comes back on.

Despite the fact that automatic gate drives have certain shortcomings, we cannot consider them permanent problems associated with the operation of the drives. These are rare inconveniences that can be solved independently or with the help of technicians, i.e. the supplier of entrance gate and drive. At VISIO, we believe that automatic gate drives are a necessity for both sliding and swing gates, from the point of view of comfort, safety and security.