We keep up with the latest technological trends. You can also control the gate or garage with a mobile phone

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends. The development of technology is the driving force behind many crafts. It also helps ours.

At VISIO, we greatly value technological advances. Thanks to them, we can offer innovative solutions. An example is, for example, intelligent gate control via a mobile application.

How does intelligent gate control work?

Intelligent gate control has been nothing new for years. With the mobile application, it is possible to control the gates from anywhere and at any time, which ensures not only comfort but also safety for homeowners.

You will never have to worry if you forget to close the gate because, with the mobile application, you can easily and quickly check the status and take the necessary actions.

The VISIO offer consists of drives from two leading manufacturers – ROGER and KEY. Both drives enable the control of the gate using a mobile application.

KEY brand: This control option is limited to use via Bluetooth connection, which means that the range for opening the gate is several tens of meters. This system is ideal for situations when you are approaching the house and want to open the gate in advance so that you can enter without problems, or if you want to open the gate from the outside without waiting.

ROGER brand: With a ROGER brand operator, you have the option of opening the gate via the Internet, which means that you can control it anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection. This feature provides maximum flexibility and convenience as you are not limited geographically.

Advanced features and settings

Both applications, whether from the KEY or ROGER brand, have a wide range of advanced functions and settings. In addition to controlling the gate, these applications allow you to monitor gate status, alert you to activity, and generate statistics such as the number of gate openings.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to grant access, where you can monitor and edit who has access to your gateway and limit that access as you see fit. For example, you can set permissions for each member with access to your gateway , allowing you to customize access rights according to individual needs.

Innovations that change the world

We are convinced that innovative technologies move us forward and bring positive changes to people’s lives. Smart gate control via a mobile application is not just a simple convenience, but a connection between current needs and future possibilities.

In our company, we believe that innovation is not only for a select few, but for all who desire a simpler life. Smart gate control via a mobile application is just the beginning, together we can change the world step by step. Today, innovations are at our fingertips , literally – we can access them via our smartphone. 

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