Ways to provide great customer service

Let’s imagine a situation where a client contacts us with a request for a personal meeting. Showing a professional attitude, our sales representative will immediately check his meeting schedule.

If he has the opportunity to arrange a meeting with the client on the road, he will arrange a personal meeting with him on the spot without hesitation. However, if he already has several meetings planned on a given day and cannot include the client in his schedule, he will agree with the client on a date according to his possibilities.

Before the meeting, our sales representative asks the client for basic data to be able to create a preliminary non-binding offer. This offer aims to show approximate cooperation so that the client has a clear idea of ​​the possibilities of cooperation.

Our sales representative arrives at the meeting place at the appointed time. Together with the client, he goes through the entire project, listens to his requirements and answers all questions. After the meeting, they will agree on further steps and dates.

Subsequently, a price offer is processed for the client after targeting. We will send this offer to the client by e-mail and attach similar projects from our portfolio. If the client has other questions that have not been answered, we will answer them in this email.

Subsequently, after a certain time, we contact the client and together we go through the entire offer, answer all questions and agree on the next steps. If the client rejects us, we thank him profusely and continue our work. If we agree with the client on the implementation of the project, we will inform him about further procedures.

This is roughly what our sales representative’s work looks like when communicating with a client. Of course, this communication also takes place during the implementation of the project, when the client receives information about the status of his project and is provided with support.

Even after installation, the client is given a business card of our service and is also informed about the post-warranty service, when he can contact us at any time. This approach is part of our philosophy and commitment to providing you, our customers, with the highest possible level of service.