Transform your terrace: What are the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola?

Imagine an outdoor space that is not only aesthetic, but also fully functional. With our bioclimatic pergolas you can achieve a new dimension of comfort and style. These pergolas combine elegant design with innovative technological solutions, bringing perfect harmony to your exterior.

Why a bioclimatic pergola?

Our bioclimatic pergolas are equipped with tiltable aluminum slats, which are precisely anchored in the support frame. This sophisticated system allows easy regulation of sunlight penetration according to your preferences.

This way you will create optimal shade and a pleasant atmosphere under the pergola. In case of bad weather, by simply moving the slats, you can achieve their closure, which provides reliable protection against rain.

What are their advantages?

They are made of aluminum, which guarantees their lightness, strength and resistance to weather effects. With a size of 205.48 mm, they offer enough space to regulate lighting conditions.

The aluminum profile in the frame with dimensions of 225.48 mm ensures a stable frame for the slats, while guaranteeing optimal functionality of the entire system.

Surface treatment with varnish ensures not only an elegant appearance, but also protection against environmental influences.

Automatic control enables easy regulation of the position of the slats according to the current weather conditions, which brings maximum comfort and well-being.

Stylish LED lighting adds an elegant touch and allows you to create a unique atmosphere according to your mood and preferences.

Silver RAL 9006 and gray RAL 7047 colors are available, which perfectly harmonize with the modern design of the outdoor space.
We offer 12 standard shades of RAL colors, which allow you to customize the pergola exactly according to your wishes.

How to solve water drainage?

You can also pay extra for a supporting column. The choice of supporting columns depends on the anchoring method of your project. Various variants ensure a stable and aesthetic solution for your pergola. The water drainage solution in the support columns will ensure that your pergola will be functional even in the rain.

The possibility of choosing the color of the frame and support columns according to your ideas from our extended palette of colors allows you to achieve maximum individuality. The color of the slats can also be customized according to your preferences, creating a unique design.

Energy efficiency

Bioclimatic pergolas enable optimal regulation of light and temperature, which reduces energy consumption for air conditioning and lighting.

Our bioclimatic pergolas are more than just a stylish addition to your exterior. They are intelligent, energy-efficient and fully customizable solutions that emphasize a modern approach to lifestyle.

Discover beauty and functionality with bioclimatic pergolas from VISIO and transform your outdoor space into the perfect place for relaxation and well-being.

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