Balcony railing

Trust is the foundation. With this project, we created trust with the client already with the first submitted project, so much so that he chose our services for the implementation of the next project as well. The content of the project consisted of a balcony railing in a lamellar design in an interesting burgundy color. We made the railing and installed it on the key.

Client: Lenka F.

Location: Rozhanovce

Date: 21/01/2021

Order from the customer

The phone number of our client Lenka was displayed immediately upon calling. During the interview, she asked us for personal meetings to price the railing. We did not hesitate for a minute and arranged a personal meeting with the client. During a personal meeting, we focused on the opening, agreed on the pattern, color and method of anchoring. In the last step, we created a price offer for the client and agreed on the next procedure.


Dimension of holes

Railing – 3600mm x 1400mm





RAL 3004




Custom anchoring columns

Project realisation

We completed the project according to plans. We made a railing, applied powder coating to it and then installed it. Before the end, we went over the first project we implemented for them with the clients, we also discussed possible maintenance. We believe that they like the new railing and it suits them.


Inside view


General view

Inside view