Rail gate with predestrian gate and fencing

We successfully completed and installed an interesting project for our client from Košice. The project included a rail gate with full automation from the KEY brand and the possibility of control via a mobile phone, a barrier with stainless steel hardware and a video intercom, and two parts of the fence. The client chose one of the widest slats, labeled slat 119. The width of one slat is 16 cm, and the gap between them is approximately 1 cm. The significant interest of this project was the use of the concept of double painting, which not only increased the warranty for the client, but also added longer durability, clarity and resistance. You can find more information about double painting and CORROFIX marking HERE.

Client: Jana P.

Location: Košice

Date: 29/09/2023

Order from the customer

Clients contacted our sales representative with a request for a focus meeting. After mutual agreement, we organized a personal meeting where we ascertained their interest in specific patterns. During this meeting, we broke down the whole project in detail, agreed on the details regarding plugins and automation. Thanks to real samples, we were able to present clients with different color combinations of their selected patterns. Subsequently, we determined other dates together and prepared the necessary documents.


Dimension of holes

Rail gate – 6020mm x 1500mm

Pedestrian gate – 850mm x 1650mm

Fence parts 2 pcs – 2800mm x 1200mm





RAL 8007 Corrofix



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controllers)

KUBE – phone control

Stainless steel fittings

Implemented clipboard

Cover system

Video doorman

Project realisation

The implementation of the project went according to plan, and the procedures we used during production are approximately the same as for any of our projects in progress. In this context, however, we would like to take a closer look at the meaning of the term CORROFIX. We offer our clients the option of double painting, which means adding one extra layer compared to regular powder painting. This additional layer is located below the base layer and serves as a protective layer. For example, it helps to resist external factors, is more resistant to manual damage, maintains a longer color tone, and so on. In addition, this painting also means an increase in the warranty period by 2 years for our clients. For more information on this painting process, see our CORROFIX ARTICLE.

General view

Rail gate

Fence parts

Inside view

Rail gate

Inside view

Pedestrian gate

Inside view

Stainless steel house number with beacon