Rail gate with pedestrian gate

We have successfully delivered a fully automated project for our client in Bratislava. Its contents consisted of a rail gate with a KEY brand drive with the option of opening with a mobile application and LED equipment. For a smaller opening, we supplied a diaphragm that had an electric lock and an EMOS video door entry. An integrated box and a stainless steel handle with a handle could not be missing from the diaphragm. We tuned the whole project to RAL7016, i.e. anthracite color with a beautiful 6 cm slat.

Client: Mr. B.

Place: Bratislava

Date: 27/05/2021

Order from the customer

The client contacted us with a non-binding inquiry via the website. Based on the requirements, we sent the client an offer within 48 hours. We then contacted the client and went over the entire offer together. During the phone call, we answered questions that were also directed to the wider dimension of the gate and its implementation. We agreed on a personal meeting with the client. Thanks to our sales team, we can also provide clients with a non-binding meeting right on the spot, where we will go over the entire project with the client, show real samples, realizations in the area, etc. Subsequently, we agreed on the details with the client and sent the project to the production process.



Dimension of holes

Rail gate – 6000mm x 1140mm

Pedestrian gate – 1110mm x 1140mm





RAL 7016 – Fine structure



– KEY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– KUBE – phone control

– Stainless steel handle

– Video doorman

– Implemented clipboard

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

The production process consisted of the following steps. The first was focusing the openings and agreeing on all accessories and details with the customer. This data was subsequently processed by the sales representative and sent to the designer. He processed the technical drawings and moved them into the production process. The production process began with our certified welders, who, after completing their work, prepared the project for the hot-dip galvanizing process. After this process, we cleaned the project of grease and started putting in fillers. After successfully inserting the last slat, we were ready to send the project to the powder coating shop. The last step was the assembly itself and the successful delivery of the keys with the manual to our client.

General view

Rail gate

Rail gate

View from the inside

Self-supporting gate

Pedestrian gate

Video doorman

Detail of the slats

View from the inside

Detail of the drive