Pedestrian gate with fencing

A project without a gate, but we would still include this project in the larger ones. Its vastness is made up of the fence parts mentioned below, which closed the entire plot. In addition to fencing, we also supplied the client with a barrier with stainless steel accessories. We tuned the entire project into a completely opaque pattern of blind slats. Our cover systems also took care of the lack of transparency.

Client: Jozef G.

Place: Trebišov

Date: 10/07/2021

Order from the customer

Every single client request is important to us. If the client informs us that he is interested in privacy and non-transparency, we will propose several solutions to the client to ensure this requirement. Our on-site presentation aids are also a great helper, which will enable the client to make an even easier decision on the right choice. These samples are available to every one of our sales representatives and are part of the presentation that our sales representative will provide for you.


Dimension of holes

Pedestrian gate – 980mm x 1460mm

Fence parts – 3180mm x 1060mm





RAL 7016 – Fine structure



– Stainless steel fittings

– Rail barrier for baskets

– Video intercom with electromagnetic lock

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

We had a little trouble with the implementation of this project, either in the production process or the assembly process. They suffered from a physical point of view, not a technical one, because fence parts in such dimensions and in such a confusing design are more demanding both for production and for the assembly itself, which is why, for example, some companies have specified maximum dimensions or gates, barriers and fence parts. You will not encounter any restrictions with us and we will find the right technical solution for every technical requirement.

General view

General view

Fence parts

Fence parts

Fence panel

Pedestrian gate with accessories