Pedestrian gate with fencing

We premiered one of our models at the beginning of the new year. Specifically, it is a fired sheet metal marked PREMIUM 014. We matched the entire project to chocolate brown color RAL 8028 with a fine structure. The project included an entrance barrier with a fence, where the fence itself was implemented in 2 versions so that we ensured both privacy and an interesting appearance.

Client: Karin V.

Place: Dolné Saliby

Date: 10.01.2022

Order from the customer

The client’s assignment was simple and concise. Closing open spaces with something interesting and different. That’s why we offered the client a selection from our premium designs and those that haven’t seen the light of day yet. The client was interested in our model marked PREMIUM 014. One of the requirements was to ensure less privacy in the back part of the property. In this section, we have therefore chosen the premium label again, but the label 000 and thus a fully non-transparent sheet. Perhaps a standard, but a standard as such, all our products also boasted a covering system that not only provides an even more beautiful visual but also fulfills a safety function.


Dimension of holes

Pedestrian gate – 1010mm x 1550mm

Fence panel, baked sheet – 3765mm x 1140mm

Full metal fence panel – 3880mm x 1350mm



RAL 8028 Fine structure



– Stainless steel fittings

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

There were no complications during the implementation of the project. One of the complications was the gate itself, which was made incorrectly due to our fault, but nothing we couldn’t solve. We installed all the products and made the gate itself express and delivered it to the client. In the final process, we would like to thank the client for his patience, and we believe that a submitted project that the client likes is a sufficient reward for a minor delay.

General view

Pedestrian gate with fence part and door

Full fenced rear

Pedestrian gate