Pedestrian gate with fencing

We salute the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. We really offer our services to everyone without exception. Proof is also a full sales representative for eastern, central and western Slovakia. Just contact us, make an appointment and we’ll be there. The following project, albeit with initial changes, but the final version, which consisted of a diaphragm with stainless steel accessories and an implemented box and fencing. We implemented the entire project on our columns in a custom-made blind design.

Client: Mr. B.

Place: Bratislava

Date: 20/5/2021

Order from the customer

Although this time without a gate, but that doesn’t matter. Although the initial assignment was with a gate, which the client changed during production. Fortunately, we had the gate “only” manufactured and it did not go through any further procedures, but after an agreement with the client, we ensured everything else. The client had the final decision to leave part of the gate open for front parking and to cover the fencing with the barrier. You can see what it looks like in the bottom bar of this project. Jalousie fillings were also made to measure. In the lower part, every second slat was omitted in order to meet the requirements of the four-legged client. This is the first and I believe not the last request of this type.


Dimension of holes

Pedestrian gate – 1090mm x 1950mm

Fencing 14m long at a height of 1.95m

Used columns 100×100



Lamella 100

Bottom part with gaps on request



RAL 7016 – Fine structure



– Stainless steel fittings

– Implemented clipboard

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

– Anchoring to our poles

Project realisation

The whole project was carried out by custom production. From changing the project specification during production to the request to omit the bottom slats, use our anchoring posts to the cut-out for the electrical box. The VISIO company deals with custom-made projects, it has its own production, so we can easily meet these requirements. Our strength is also the technical implementation of sometimes intractable situations, which is evidenced by various projects that have already been handed over or projects in production. We can also be proud of the ratio of successful projects, we increased this ratio precisely by handing over this custom-made project.

General view

General view

Total fencing

Fence part

Fence part with cut-out to measure

Pedestrian gate with fencing

View from the inside

View from the inside

View from the inside

Detail of lamella design

Bumper from the inside