Fencing of the front part with a pedestrian gate

Until the third, all the best. We could say something like this in our company. However, in this case, all 3 assemblies were delivered with excessive satisfaction. Clients ordered balcony fencing from us at the very beginning, followed by a double-wing gate and, in this case, also fencing of the front part with a diaphragm. We are glad that clients contacted us 3 times in a row and thus showed us that we are doing what we do correctly. The clients chose a beautiful premium model marked 004 in anthracite form so that it creates a perfect design with the already delivered balcony railing.

Client: Veronika K

Place: Ľubica

Date: 29/06/2021

Order from the customer

Clients have contacted us for the third time with a request to completely close the front part. They knew exactly the necessary data to create an offer, which we reviewed over the phone. Subsequently, after creating the offer and its approval, we personally met at the place where we measured the entire project and agreed on the details. The clients had a clear idea, which they handed over to us, and we turned it into reality in 2 months.


Dimension of holes

Pedestrian gate – 1160mm x 1400mm

Fencing 1 pc – 530mm x 580mm

Fencing 7 pcs – 1920mm x 580mm





RAL 7016 – Fine structure



– Stainless steel fittings

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket


Real references are what we rely on. Real people and real satisfaction.

Project realisation

As with the previous two projects, production and delivery took about 2 months. The clients agreed with this period because they knew what was involved in this process. As soon as the project was ready for the paint shop, we contacted the client with this information and agreed on a possible assembly date. The installation was excellent, which also resulted in client satisfaction.

General view

General view

Fence parts

Fence parts


Fence parts

Fence panel

View from the inside

View from the inside

View from the inside

Pedestrian gate with accessories

Pedestrian gate from the inside

A smaller fence section