Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Fencing with a pedestrian gate in a gabion

Another interesting project awaited us in the village of Janovce near Bardejov, where its content was a diaphragm and fencing. The anchoring of the columns into the gabion fence was interesting. You can see how we prepared the whole project and how we won with it in the lower part of the attached photos. Another interesting element was the diaphragm, in which we inserted wood-plastic decor at the customer’s request. We matched the entire project to an anthracite color and blind filling.

Client: Miroslav S.

Place: Janovce

Date: 23/04/2021

Order from the customer

The client found us and then contacted us. Since during the period when we were solving this project with the client, we were training our new colleague for the eastern region, so we also used it during the meeting and orientation. Of course, the client also had to agree to this, and everything took place under the supervision of an experienced employee. Even before the meeting, the client visited us at our old premises, where we went over the possibilities of implementing the project, inquired about the possibility of inserting wood-plastic, and then we agreed on a date for the meeting right on the spot.


Dimension of holes

Pedestrian gate – 1045mm x 1800mm

Fencing 3 pcs – 2500mm x 1000mm





RAL 7016 – anthracite



– Implemented stainless steel box

– Video intercom with remote communication

– Stainless steel fittings

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

The production process took place during the agreed period of 8-10 weeks, where the project went through processes such as hot-dip galvanizing (double-sided), TIGER powder coating and of course our production processes. As soon as the project was ready for assembly, we contacted the client in advance and agreed on a date for implementation.

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Pedestrian gate with implemented accessories

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Pedestrian gate with stainless steel handle

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Detail on the pedestrian gate

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Fence element in a gabion

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Video intercom outdoor unit

Oplotenie s bráničkou v gabióne

Detail for attachment