Turnkey project

In the village of Smolník, we carried out an interesting project, the content of which consisted of a double-leaf gate with full automation from the KEY automation brand. Our customers can open the gate using remote controls or mobile devices. The project also includes a barrier with stainless steel hardware and an electromagnetic lock, as well as fencing of the front and side of the property. Upon request, we integrated a mailbox into one of the fence parts. We worked out the whole project in an interesting pattern, while the clients chose the brown color. We are pleased with the result and the fact that we could contribute to the comfort and safety of our clients.

Client: Norbert K.

Location: Smolník

Date: 15/11/2023

Order from the customer

The clients asked us to prepare a price offer for closing the front and side parts of the plot. In the first step, we prepared a non-binding price offer based on the obtained dimensions and requirements for pattern, color, and other accessories. Subsequently, we arranged a meeting with the clients at the place, where we agreed on the offer together with the presentation of our work and all the details. After approval and focus, we included the project in the production process.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4000mm x 1600mm

Pedestrian gate – 900mm x 1600mm

Fence parts 6 pcs – 2400mm x 1100mm

Fence parts 2 pcs – 3000mm x 1300mm

Fence parts 3 pcs – 3000mm x 1500mm





RAL 8014



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controllers)

KUBE – phone control

Stainless steel fittings

Implemented mailbox

Electromagnetic lock

Cover system

Project realisation

We transferred the project to the production process immediately after its approval. The first step was the development of technical documentation by our designer. These detailed documents subsequently served as the basis for the entire production phase, including the powder coating process. After the successful completion of the painting, we agreed with the client on the installation date, which was completed within one working day. After the assembly was completed, we handed over the finished turnkey project to the client, including detailed instructions for its handling and proper cleaning maintenance.

General view

General view from the inside

Double-leaf gate

Double-leaf gate

Inside view

Inside view

Fence panel

Fence panel with mailbox

Front fence parts

Side fence parts

Side fence parts

Side fence parts

Pedestrian gate

Fence panel