Double-leaf gate with pedestrian gate and fencing

The VISIO brand is taking small steps beyond the borders of Slovakia. In the village of Rajka, we manufactured and custom-installed a double-leaf gate with full automation of the KEY brand, a barrier with a stainless steel handle, an implemented mailbox and a video intercom, and 3 fence parts. We tuned the entire project into a fully opaque blind slat. We adapted the brown color to the roof of the house according to the request.

Client: Mrs. A.

Place: Rajka

Date: 08.10.2021


Order from the customer

The client contacted us thanks to our web presentation. She was interested in our projects and was interested in a personal consultation meeting. At the beginning, we asked the client for an approximate, rough description of her request. Based on this request, we prepared an initial price offer, which we reviewed together during a telephone conversation. During the phone call, we also agreed on a date for the meeting. During the meeting, we reviewed the offer with reality and updated all the details according to the real focus. In this case, since the dimensions, pattern and accessories did not change significantly, we updated the original offer with the data and kept the price in its original state.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 3800mm x 1700mm

Pedestrian gate – 1000mm x 1700mm

Fencing – 2000mm x 1000mm





RAL 8003



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controller)

KUBE – phone control

Stainless steel fittings

Implemented clipboard

Cover system

Project realisation

The implementation of the project proceeded according to plans. We technically documented the project, manufactured it, delivered it and installed it within one day. At the end of the installation, we called the client, because her presence during the installation is not necessary, and explained all the details regarding handling and maintenance. Maintenance in terms of cleaning and preparation for winter.

General view



General view



Entrance part



Double-leaf gate

Fence parts



Fence parts



LED beacon