Double-leaf gate with pedestrian gate

Our newly added designs are getting real. The following project with the designation 119 has a slat with a total width of 19 cm. In the version with a gap of 1 cm, we can achieve an interesting and modern design. The entire project consisted of a double-leaf gate with full automation and a barrier with stainless steel fittings and an implemented mailbox. The chosen color marked RAL 8028 was also interesting, the design of which was highlighted by the structure of the surface. Of course, there were also cover elements that only added interest and modernity to the design.

Client: Peter J.

Location: Novy Ruskov

Date: 15/05/2023

Order from the customer

The client was interested in closing the front part. Since the space did not suit us, there was no other option than to choose a double-leaf gate. We delivered to the client one of the first projects bearing the designation 119. Of course, the client knew what he was getting into, because we offer our clients the opportunity to see on real samples how the lamella looks with a 1cm gap. If he would be interested in a different version that we do not have in the physical sample, we can create a visual for the dimensions specified by the client. This way, the client can see how the final product will look before implementation.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 3176mm x 1235mm

Pedestrian gate – 995mm x 1305mm





RAL 8028 – Fine structure



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

KUBE – phone control

Implemented clipboard

Stainless steel fittings

Cover system


Project realisation

The client already had properly prepared holes and cable design when focusing. So the focus was one of the “simpler” ones. During the personal meeting, in addition to the focus, there was also the choice of color and all accessories such as a box, type of drive. During production, the project successfully went through the stages of production until a phone call was made with an assembly date. The installation took place in 1 day, and at the end we handed over a fully functional project to the client with instructions.

General view

Double-leaf gate

Double-leaf gate

View from the inside

Pedestrian gate with post box