Double-leaf offset gate with pedestrian gate

Nitra is another city that we successfully visited. Although the assignment was challenging, it was nothing that the VISIO team could not handle. It was an atypical double-leaf gate not only because of its dimensions but also because of its installation. High 2.5m gate with a fully non-transparent pattern, cover system and automation from the ROGER brand. The gate also includes a barrier, which added to the lack of visibility inside the property. The clients chose an atypical color marked RAL 7003.

Client: Roman M.


Place: Nitra


Date: 05/05/2022

Order from the customer

Closing the entrance part. That was the client’s request. Based on the information we received, a personal visit was necessary. Such atypical projects are difficult only for the calculation itself, not for the production. During the personal meeting, we explained to the client all the options that existed for the given opening, and then one of the mentioned ones was confirmed. It was also interesting that no other supplier could be found for the opening except VISIO.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 3550mm x 2450mm

Pedestrian gate – 1000mm x 2500mm





RAL 7003 – Fine structure



– ROGER drive (LED beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– WIFI control by phone

– Axed hinges

– Stainless steel fittings

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

Width, height and focused angles. Pattern, color and accessories agreed. There was nothing left but to start the production process. Since we have already produced several gates of this type, we knew what to watch out for, what to measure twice, etc. There were no complications during production. We informed the client right at the beginning that for such a rise and size with a full filling, the only option is the ROGER drive, which guarantees at least 1,000,000 openings. The option of WIFI connection is also supplied with this drive. The assembly itself was difficult, it required a lot of strength, but our certified employees handed over the turnkey project at the end of the day.

General view

View from the inside

General view

Pedestrian gate

Pedestrian gate