Double-leaf gates with pedestrian gate and fencing

You can already find our work in the village of Lísková. Its contents consisted of double-leaf gates, a diaphragm and fence parts. One of the gates is powered by a KEY brand automatic drive with the option of smart opening using a mobile device. The second gate is opened manually. It includes stainless steel hardware with a lockable lock. The bumper must not be missing stainless steel fittings. The entire project is tuned in anthracite color. As a model, the clients chose an interesting version of the drawbar.

Client: Rastislav H.

Location: Lísková

Date: 12/12/2022

Order from the customer

Thanks to our product presentations, these clients also found us. They contacted us with a request to create a customized price offer. Based on the data provided to us, we processed the offer to the client within 48 hours. After her approval, we arranged a personal meeting with a presentation right on the spot. At the meeting, we went over all the necessary details, updated what was needed, and after the final decision, we put the project into production.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 2800mm x 1500mm

Double-leaf gate – 2890mm x 1500mm

Pedestrian gate – 1100mm x 1500mm

Fence panels 2pc – 1860mm x 920mm





RAL 7016



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controllers)

KUBE – phone control

Stainless steel fittings

Project realisation

Clients often ask us if we also work during the winter months. As you can see, we assembled the project in December. The wet snow made it difficult to assemble, but as long as the temperature is below -5 degrees, it is possible to assemble our products as well. For these conditions, we have pre-prepared specialized preparations and products designed specifically for cold weather. Both the production and assembly procedures went according to plan, and we handed over the turnkey project to the client.

Double-leaf gates

Double-leaf gate with drive

Double-leaf gate without drive

An inside view


An inside view


An inside view






Fencing with pedestrian gate


Pedestrian gate