Double-leaf gate with fencing

If you have a road through the village of Košický Klečenov, it is impossible to overlook this project. A double-winged gate with a drive and LED lighting, a fence with cover posts made up the contents of the project. In lamella design with a gap as desired and in anthracite color, we prepared the client’s project to measure. And if it’s tailor-made, everything is done properly, and thus the connection of the VISIO building division, which ensured the masonry of the walls.

Client: Martin M.

Place: Košický Klečenov

Date: 22/08/2021

Order from the customer

The client’s request was clear and direct. To provide a turnkey project with everything, i.e. the construction of the walls, the laying of the grass system and the production with the delivery of the double-leaf gate with fencing and anchoring to our cover posts. The project had to be sufficiently clear in the lamella design, so based on our presentation of the samples, we chose lamellas with a width of 6 cm and 3 cm gaps between the lamellas.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4670mm x 1500mm

Fencing of the front part 25m long and 1m high





RAL 7016 – Fine structure



– KEY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– KUBE – phone control

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

– Covering columns

Project realisation

The first step of implementation was the start of our construction division VISIO buidling, which had the task of preparing the front part of the plot for fencing and a double-winged gate. Step by step, they prepared the concrete foundation and built a retaining wall made of DT blocks to a height according to the client’s request. Subsequently, when these walls were ready, the focus of the project was on the production and installation of a gate with fencing. We successfully handed over the entire turnkey project to the client within 3 months without any complications.

General view

General view

General view

View from the inside

Double-leaf gate

Double-leaf gate

Fence parts with a gate
Column detail
Column detail