Double-leaf gate with pedestrian gate

We are pleased if clients choose patterns from the PREMIUM section. In this way, the client gets not only an interesting project that he will not see, but also a unique one. Each project in premium design is custom-made. This means that there is no project with the same parameters when burning patterns. The project, which consisted of a double-leaf gate with full automation and a barrier with stainless steel fittings, was successfully handed over in the village of Hrabkov. The whole project was tuned to an interesting chocolate-brown color. We applied the project to the client’s existing columns according to his request.

Client: Mr. L.

Place: Hrabkov

Date: 11/04/2022

Order from the customer

A project that may not be so interesting in terms of size and content, but we were happy to process it in this form as well. Why? the realization of premium patterns is our pleasure from the very beginning to the writing of these lines. We would like to show our future clients that there is no need to be afraid when choosing such non-standard designs. For easier decision-making, we will also prepare a 3D visualization of your chosen pattern for your dimensions upon request.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4069mm x 1400mm

Fender – 949mm x 1400mm








RAL 8017 – Fine structure



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

KUBE – phone control

Stainless steel fittings

Cover system

Project realisation

A project whose procedure is almost the same as for regular patterns. Our designer has a little more work, who needs to prepare sheet metal blanks to the dimensions of the given project. During his work, our welders will prepare the frames. Subsequently, the frames are hot-dip galvanized on both sides. The sheets, which are already hot-dip galvanized from production, are assembled together with the frames and sent to the powder coating plant. We will then contact the client with the installation date.

General view

General view

View from the inside



View from the inside