Premium double-leaf folding gate

We have prepared a custom-made premium project for our new customer from Košice. The content of the project was a double-leaf folding gate with full automation from the KEY automation brand. In addition to control using controllers, the client can also open the gate via a mobile application. The interesting thing about this project is the chosen pattern. After agreement with the client, we prepared an atypical design in an interesting gray color, underlined by a glossy surface. Thanks to the folding system, we were able to save half the space. You can find more about the folding system on OUR BLOG.

Client: Štefan V.

Place: Košice

Date: 14/02/2024

Order from the customer

The client contacted us with a request to close the front part of his property. Due to the limited space to move the gate, we first designed a double-leaf gate. However, it was only after a personal meeting that we changed the proposal to a folding double-leaf gate, which saved the client half of the space and added a new, different and interesting look to the house. The folding system was mounted at the top, as a result of copying the land of the lower part of the gate. The fact that we were the only one who realized the project for the client was also interesting – several companies gave up on this project. The client also expressed an interest in the delivery of designs not yet realized. After consulting with the client, we explored different options and finally chose the one he liked the most.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf folding gate – 5870mm x 1620mm



Atypical 300 – customized



RAL 7047



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controllers)

KUBE – phone control

Folding system

Covering systems

Project realisation

The implementation of the project was successful from the first step, which was the careful orientation of the hole, to the last step of assembly. At the end of the installation, we contacted the client with a request to hand over the keys. During this handover, we explained to the client all the information regarding the control of the gate, as well as the procedure for unlocking the drive. In addition, we provided the client with a business card to contact our service line in case of need. We documented the entire project, said goodbye to the client and wished him all the best.

Double-leaf folding gate

Double-leaf folding gate

Double-leaf folding gate

Double-leaf folding gate

Inside view

Inside view

Inside view