Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

Folding double-leaf gate with pedestrian gate and anchoring to our columns

We present to you another specialty from VISIO systems. In this reference, we will introduce our next innovation that will solve the spatial problem. The whole project consists of a double-wing gate, which, in addition to “normal” opening, can fold its wings like an accordion, an entrance barrier for pedestrians, and in addition our columns for anchoring (fixing). The operation of the gate is ensured by a high-quality Italian drive of the KEY brand with the highest possible additional equipment. The bumper has stainless steel fittings, i.e. a stainless steel handle on the outside and a handle on the inside. For the entire project, our covering system cannot be missing, which covers all openings and thus creates not only a more beautiful appearance, but also fulfills a safety function. As a model, the clients chose a louver slat, which can be folded either with gaps (any) or without gaps as in this case, which results in an uncluttered design. The final step is the color itself, which is an anthracite shade with a fine structure.

Client: Erik K.

Place: Dulová Vec – Vlčie Doly

Date: 21/10/2020


Real references are what we rely on. Real people and real satisfaction.

Order from the customer

During the first telephone contact, we exchanged basic information with the client. Since the client was not even 10 minutes away from our production, we did not hesitate and immediately arranged the meeting itself. During the meeting, we listened to all the requirements and details that the client told us. Since the total width of the opening was something like 5 meters and the client did not have room to move the sliding gate, it was necessary to come up with a special solution. Why? Because if we take it, opening such a double-winged gate would take another 5 meters, which was an inefficient and illogical solution from the client’s side as well as from ours. That is why we proposed to the client the possibility of folding both wings, and thus the opening span will be reduced by up to half. It was a tailor-made solution. The client did not even count on such a possibility and agreed with our proposal. He was also interested in implementing an entrance barrier for pedestrians in the opening, which we had no problem with. So we focused on the openings, we agreed on individual widths and heights and all accessories and details. This was followed by the creation of a customized price offer and a discussion with our technician.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4800mm x 1800mm

Pedestrian gate – 900mm x 1800mm





RAL 7016 fine structure – anthracite



– Italian KEY RAY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells)

– KUBE – control by mobile application

– 2x controller of different color

– KVN FOLD – system for folding wings

– Cover system

– Stainless steel fittings

–  Rubber gasket


Project realisation

Why was a discussion with our chief engineer necessary? It’s great that we try to find different solutions to solve adverse situations right on the spot during targeting, but another part is our technician to approve these solutions for us. When focusing, it is still necessary for our workers to take pictures of the place where everything will be assembled, so that they can then discuss it with the technician. In this case too, it was no exception, we went through the entire solution together with the chief technician. we explained to him the way we would like to realize the gate. Our technician saw no problem in this case and gave us the green light. Our client also agreed with the solution and the price offer, so we could start production. We will discuss the production process and the procedure for such a gate in our blog (note: the blog is being prepared). Although the weather conditions did not favor us during the assembly, as a result, we handed over to the client a fully functional double-leaf folding gate with a diaphragm, which is operated by a high-quality Italian KEY drive. This is the premiere of this type of gate under the VISIO systems logo.

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

General view

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

General view

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

A view of the gate

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

Detail for folding slats

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou
View from the inside
Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

The method of attaching the photocell to our pole

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

Gate folding support system

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

Detail of the cover strips – view from the inside

Skladacia dvojkrídlová brána s bráničkou

View of the pedestrian gate with cover strips