Double-leaf atypical gate

The entrance gate is an integral element of every property and plays an important role not only in security, but also in the aesthetic impression and the first impression of visitors. With our new custom-made double-leaf gate with offset hinges, complemented by a fully automated KEY brand system, we bring an innovative solution for those who desire a combination of top security, functionality and aesthetic perfection. With a precise focus on the individual needs and style of each customer, we create a gate that not only provides excellent protection and comfort, but also highlights the character and quality of each property.

Client: Marek B.

Location: Banská Bystrica

Date: 09.08.2023

Order from the customer

The client asked us to design and manufacture a double-leaf gate with offset hinges. The goal was for the gate to meet the highest safety standards, but at the same time to be aesthetically appealing and fit in with the overall style of the property. The gate should have full automation and the possibility of connecting to mobile devices.


Dimension of holes

Double-leaf gate – 4300mm x 1800mm





RAL 7016



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controllers)

KUBE – phone control

Special opening

Cover system

Project realisation

Based on the client’s requirements and specifications, we developed a detailed design and construction plan for the double-leaf gate. Subsequently, we started production, while not forgetting to ensure the highest quality of materials and precise craftsmanship. We then installed the gate and handed over the turnkey project to the client

Double-leaf gate from the inside


Right wing


Left wing