Turnkey project

We can be proud of another turnkey project in the village of Zemplínske Hámre. The first assignment was the processing of construction work around the house, the preparation of an atypical project and the construction of foundations for the gate and fencing. The second part was subsequently the delivery of a cantilever gate with full automation, a barrier and the overall fencing of the plot. The anchoring took place on our poles. The client chose a wider 10 cm slat with larger gaps. We matched the color shade to anthracite RAL 7016 color.

Client: Rastislav P.

Place: Zemplinske Hámre

Date: 18/05/2022

Order from the customer

The client contacted us based on our published portfolio. In the first part, he informed us about the delivery of the gate with a fence, but then he was informed with gratifying news. We are one of the few companies that offer turnkey projects to our clients. This means that in addition to gates, barriers and fencing, we also offer construction work. We arranged a meeting with the client at the place where we went over the overall assignment. Based on this assignment, we created various graphic designs for the client as to how the final project could look. From the proposals that came, the client chose the most beautiful one and we were able to launch the project.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 4060mm x 1550mm

Pedestrian gate – 890mm x 1620mm

Posts – 100mm x 100mm

Fencing of the land over 40 meters





RAL 7016 Fine structure



– ROGER drive (LED beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– WIFI control by phone

– Stainless steel fittings

– Implemented clipboard

– Hole for distribution boxes

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

In the first step, we needed to process all construction works. Land preparation, pouring of concrete foundations, laying of blocks and preparation of cabling. Subsequently, when it was possible to obtain the first dimensions for our products, we could move the project into the production process. The advantage of implementing such a project with us is that the total implementation time will be shorter, from the point of view of the cooperation of construction and production activities. The project progressed according to plans, and at the end of it, we handed over the turnkey project to the client. We believe that clients will contact us in case of further cooperation.

General view of the front part

General view

Corner part

Corner part

Fence parts

General view

View from the inside

View from the inside

Pedestrian gate

Pedestrian gate