Samonosná vstupná brána a bráničky

Cantilever gate and pedestrian gates

Cantilever gate on which we applied the advanced drive of the KEY automation brand – SUN in a stronger version, an entrance barrier with a stainless steel handle from the inside or a stainless handle from the outside, and a double-leaf barrier with stainless steel handles, both in version with side cover strips. Exclusive double-sided pattern with dominant anthracite stripes, which are complemented by stainless steel horizontally placed stripes.

Client: Katarína L.

Place: Šarišské Bohdanovce

Date: 26/11/2019


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Order from the customer

Clients contacted us based on the presentation of our previous products via Facebook. In the first step, we prepared a price offer based on the data sent to us by the clients, i.e. the dimensions of the openings, appearance and accessories. After drawing up and approving the price offer, we agreed on a personal meeting right on the spot, where we focused on the exact dimensions of the openings and agreed on all the details regarding accessories. It was a cantilever gate with an electric drive and two entrance barriers, one of which was specially made in a double-leaf version. It was a matter of course that there were side cover strips for both barriers, for the Samson gate, these strips were added additionally. To control the self-propelled sliding gate, we chose an advanced drive from the KEY automation brand – SUN with built-in LED lighting and many functions in a stronger version with enough power.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 4610mm x 1900mm

Double-leaf pedestrian gate – 1995mm x 1770mm

Pedestrian gate – 1000mm x 1770mm





Anthracite – smooth



– KEY SUN electric drive

– 2x remote transmitter

– side cover bars

– stainless steel handles + handle

Project realisation

The time from focus to assembly lasted 8 weeks, where, in addition to our work, the process of hot-dip galvanizing and then powder coating took place. When the products were ready, we agreed with the customer on the assembly date. During assembly, we had to move the cantilever gate further away from the wall, as the concrete foundation for the wall was wider than the wall itself and the bottom of the gate went below the level of the concrete foundation. We solved the problem with cover strips, which we fixed in the opening according to the customer’s wishes. The importance of the correct installation of the cantilever gate was underlined by the easy operation already during mechanical opening and closing, and only on the basis of this, it is possible to connect the drive, which should move the gate without overcoming various obstacles and excessive friction. Due to the straight wall, the entrance barriers were installed without any problems.

Samonosná vstupná brána a bráničky

Cantilever gate with pedestrian gate

Samonosná vstupná brána a bráničky

Pedestrian gate with stainless steel handle

Samonosná vstupná brána a bráničky

Double-leaf pedestrian gate