Vstupné brány a bránička

Entrance gates and pedestrian gate

Cantilever gate, on which we applied the advanced drive of the brand KEY automation – SUN. A double-leaf gate with mechanical opening and a barrier with a stainless steel handle or handle and opening by means of an electric lock and a video intercom. Pattern with designer 3D sheet metal in anthracite color.

Client: Lenka F.

Place: Rozhanovce

Date: 29/10/2019


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Order from the customer

Clients contacted us based on recommendations from their friends. In the first step, we prepared a price offer based on the data sent to us by the clients, i.e. the dimensions of the openings, appearance and accessories. After preparing and approving the price offer, we agreed on a personal meeting right on the spot, where we focused on the exact dimensions of the openings, presented a real sample of the 3D sheet metal filling and agreed on all the details regarding accessories. It was a double-leaf gate without a drive with side cover strips, a cantilever gate with an electric drive and an entrance barrier with an electric lock and a video intercom, but without side cover strips. However, they wanted two screens for the video intercom, so that they could open the diaphragm from the house both on the ground floor and on the first floor. In this order, the client wanted to adjust the top of the gates flush with the top of the fence cap. To control the self-propelled sliding gate, we chose an advanced drive from the KEY automation brand – SUN with built-in LED lighting and a number of functions.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 3800mm x 1600mm

Double-leaf gate– 3020mm x 1600mm

Pedestrian gate – 1096mm x 1600mm



Anthracite – smooth



– KEY SUN electric drive

– 2x remote transmitter

– side cover bars

– video intercom with two screens

– stainless steel handles + handle

Project realisation

The time from focus to assembly lasted 7 weeks, where, in addition to our work, the process of hot-dip galvanizing and then powder coating took place. When the products were ready, we agreed with the customer on the assembly date. The assembly itself went without any problems thanks to the excellent cable preparation on the part of the client, when we did not have to stay and could concentrate on our work. After the complete assembly and commissioning of all devices, we explained their control and functionality to the clients. Then came a request from the client for the additional production and installation of side cover bars for the diaphragm, as they liked this solution very much for the double-leaf gate. We additionally manufactured and installed the side cover bars according to the requirements.

Vstupné brány a bránička
Detail of 3D sheet metal
Vstupné brány a bránička
Detail of 3D sheet metal
Vstupné brány a bránička

Double-leaf gate

Vstupné brány a bránička

Double-leaf gate

Vstupné brány a bránička

Double-leaf gate, interior view

Vstupné brány a bránička

Pedestrian gate without side cover strips

Vstupné brány a bránička

Pedestrian gate with side cover strips

Vstupné brány a bránička

Cantilever gate