Cantilever gate with pedestrian gate

Premium project in the village of Kvetoslavov. This is also how we can define a cantilever gate with full automation of the KEY brand, a barrier with stainless steel fittings and an implemented mailbox. The premium designation is due to our PREMIUM PATTERN 014. We tuned the project in anthracite color. The implementation of our cover systems was also a matter of course. We cannot forget the installation of an electromagnetic lock with a video intercom.

Client: Mr. A.

Place: Kvetoslavov

Date: 23/08/2023

Order from the customer

Thanks to completed projects and their presentations on our website, we can show clients how individual patterns look in reality. This is also why our client chose this premium model. After a difficult selection of the final appearance, we selected all accessories, automation for the gate and barrier and the payment method. There are different payment methods for our projects, such as the standard method for 2 payments, or the subsequent method of financing through installments.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 4740mm x 1840mm

Pedestrian gate – 1000mm x 1843mm







RAL 7016



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controller)

KUBE – phone control

Implemented clipboard

Stainless steel fittings

Video doorman

Cover system

Project realisation

Premium projects are still exceptional and unique. Each project is adapted precisely to the dimensions of the client, and therefore there is no possibility for us to mount 2 identical premium designs. If the dimensions are the same, our designer will slightly change the design of the final pattern. This is how we can guarantee our clients the uniqueness of their designs.

General view

General view

Cantilever gate

Cantilever gate

An inside view



An inside view



Pedestrian gate


Pedestrian gate


An inside view