Cantilever gate with pedestrian gate

A successfully handed over project, the content of which consisted of a cantilever gate with full automation from the KEY brand, a barrier with stainless steel hardware and an electromagnetic lock with a video intercom. The execution of the project also increased the interest. For the first time, we assembled a project with a vertically laid lamella measuring 10 cm, or our pattern LAMELLA 116. We matched the project to a brown color with structure. We enriched the entire project with covering systems.

Client: Alžbeta D.

Place: Gyňov

Date: 02/08/2023

Order from the customer

The client contacted us with a request to close the front part of the plot. Thanks to the prepared openings, we were able to find an ideal solution for the implementation of a cantilever gate and barrier right from the start. From our point of view, this type of gate is the most ideal possible solution for everyone. The client asked us for an atypical design. In this case, we offer our clients our premium designs, or we can arrange lamella patterns according to the piece. Thanks to our samples, which we bring to meetings, we can easily find the taste suitable for the client.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 4100mm x 1740mm

Pedestrian gate – 1200mm x 1743mm





RAL 8017



KED drive (LED beacon, photocells, controller)

KUBE – phone control

Video doorman

Stainless steel fittings

Cover system

Project realisation

The production of this sample type is almost the same as that of the normal horizontal design. We can see the difference mainly in time, since with the vertical design, it is necessary to cut the slats in more detail, to cut them in larger quantities, and the overall folding is also more time-consuming. However, the result is worth it. Both production and assembly were successful, and in the end we handed over the turnkey project to the client with instructions for use and maintenance.

General view

Cantilever gate

Cantilever gate

An inside view



An inside view



Pedestrian gate


An inside view



LED beacon