Cantilever gate with pedestrian gate

We managed to deliver a custom-made solution to the village of Geča, near the eastern metropolis of Košice. The client was interested in a sliding cantilever gate with a pedestrian gate. Since we could not install the gate from the inside due to its dimensions, we chose to install it outdoors using our cover systems, so as to close the entire space and provide the family with privacy and security. We tuned the project to an anthracite color with a smooth design and louvered fillings.

Client: Peter A.

Place: Geča

Date: 20/8/2021

Order from the customer

Thanks to our social network, the client found our work, which he liked, and therefore contacted us. Our clever colleague contacted the client with the possibility of a meeting along his way home from work. Since the client was also busy with work, the date of the later meeting also suited him. This is also an advantage of choosing us, we do not choose a time that suits us, but we look for the best meeting date for you. During the meeting, they went over all the details with the client, focused on the overall opening (width and height), agreed on the details and the next procedure.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 5750mm x 1900mm

Pedestrian gate – 790mm x 19000mm





RAL 7016 – smooth structure



– KEY drive (LED lighting, beacon, photocells, 2x controller)

– KUBE – phone control

– Stainless steel fittings

– Outdoor placement

– Cover system

–  Rubber gasket

Project realisation

The implementation of the project wanted a tailor-made solution right from the beginning. Since there was only a bare opening on the site, it was necessary to rethink the layout. The client had a request to keep the opening as wide as possible for the sliding gate and devote the remaining part to the diaphragm. We complied with the client’s request and provided the widest possible clean opening for the entrance of cars. Another specificity of the project was the need for columns, because the client did not have any retaining walls (concrete fencing could gradually weaken over time and would not be strong enough for the diaphragm). The client provided the concrete foundation for the gate, columns and laid out the cabling at his own expense. We helped the client in this direction at least with tailor-made schemes to make his work as easy as possible. Of course, we can provide you with these works ourselves thanks to our visiobuilding division. The entire project subsequently went according to plan, and we delivered a custom-made project to the client with a smile at the beginning of the implementation as well as at its end.

Cantilever gate

Cantilever gate from the inside

Cantilever gate from the inside

Polyamide gate trolleys

Pedestrian gate