Cantilever gate with pedestrian gate

Cantilever gates with full automation and barriers with stainless steel fittings in the louvre slats represent effective solutions for the modern household. These advanced technologies bring not only an excellent level of safety and protection, but also elegance and aesthetics that satisfy even the most demanding tastes. In this article, we will look at these innovative solutions that show us that combining functionality and design can lead to the creation of high-end gates that enrich and simplify our daily lives.

Client: Mr. A.

Place: Galanta

Date: 06.03.2023


Order from the customer

A relatively “simple” assignment landed in our mailbox. The client asked us to close the front part. After obtaining all the input data, we created a tailor-made offer for the client, which we presented to him over the phone. After agreeing on a date, we met with the client at the installation site. During the meeting, we measured the openings, confirmed the color and pattern of the project and fine-tuned all the details. Since the dimensions with all accessories were identical to the first quotation, we updated the quotation with the date and sent the project to the production process.


Dimension of holes

Cantilever gate – 4000mm x 1840mm

Pedestrian gate – 1190mm x 1833mm





RAL 7016



KEY drive (LED beacon, photocells, controller)

KUBE – phone control

Implemented clipboard

Stainless steel fittings

Cover system

Project realisation

The implementation of the project went according to plan. We measured the project, technically processed it, sent it to production and then installed it for the client on a turnkey basis. After assembly, we handed over the turnkey project to the client along with instructions for comfortable operation of the gate and barrier.

General view

Cantilever gate

Cantilever gate

Pedestrian gate


An inside view



An inside view